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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. My Name is Andrea Dombecki and I am passionate about angels, fairies and spiritual healing.


I love to work with angels because they can bring the most beautiful energy into our lives. When I call on the angels to be with me I feel safe, happy and supported. When I ask the angels to help with things I see miracles happen. This is no coincidence, angels are everywhere and they are here to help. I also have a very sacred relationship with the fairy realm. I believe that as humans we can receive so much healing and enlightenment from the fairy realm. They help us to connect with the magic of the earth and being in physical form.

I grew up in a holistic and metaphysical household. As a sensitive child I could see spirits and feel energy intensely. My parents always took me to spiritual healers. They really helped me understand my abilities. I remember as a teenager I would read Louise Hay books and books on psychic healing. This started my lifelong passion for holistic energy healing and positive thinking! I learned Reiki in 2005. I studied Pranic healing in 2005. I took the Angel Therapy Practitioner training in 2008. I have studied spiritual healing for over 20 years, learning many different modalities such as Reiki, Qi gong, Reconnective healing, Pranic healing, EFT, Quantum Touch, Angel healing, Christian Science Healing, Past life reading, Crystal healing, Theta Healing and Access Consciousness etc. I feel spiritual healing is a profound tool to help us bring peace to the body, mind and spirit.

My affinity for energy healing and intuitive energy reading was not just fueled by passion. I have had many physical challenges in my life. I seemed to communicate through my body manifesting ailments at times of crisis. It seemed that I took on the pain of those around me. The stress and trauma from life seemed to take a toll on me. I followed my heart to find healing and it led me to learn how to do deep soul healing on myself to restore balance. I continue to learn all the holistic and spiritual tools that I am drawn to. I study different religious philosophies and work with higher realms to bring in enlightened consciousness. My intention is to help us all to awaken to our true state of divine perfection. 


The death of my mother also opened a whole new gateway for me to communicate with those in heaven. Her death was an extremely tragic event in my life. It has lead me to help others communicate and find peace around the loss of loved ones in their own life. This is something that often comes up in readings.

I am dedicated to helping empower people to remember their true self and embrace the joyous life that they were born to live. I connect with the angels to get an enlightened perspective. I use my intuitive abilities to help people to shift I work deeply with the history of the soul including identify past life healing to help people move forward with grace.  I offer private sessions. I also teach classes online. I am a lifelong artist and writer. I have written an angel book called "Angel Lessons of Healing and Light". I have also written and illustrated a fairytale book called "Kadalia" with my husband Joel. I have also write and illustrate my own oracle decks, the Enchanted Fairy Heart Oracle, Unicorn Memoirs Deck and Loving Angels Oracle Card deck.


I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. I went to Textile design school in New York City and studied Visual arts at a college in White Plains, New York. After college I worked as a shoe designer in NYC while studying energy healing and spirituality on the side. I read all types of books on self-healing and religion. At that time I was introduced to angel communication. Even though I was raised in a metaphysical household I didn't know much about angels. I felt like I was coming home. It all made sense, I could feel the angels very strongly, their loving presence was undeniable and life changing. I started working with my angels and the shifts in my life were exponential. I realized that my life purpose was to bring this knowledge to others. To help people connect with their angels and to help them open their hearts to more peace and well-being. 


Once I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2007 my work with the fairies and Mother Nature started to awaken. I started to channel fairies and flowers. I also started making flower essences. I  awakened to plant spirit medicine and the healing energies of Mother Earth. I lived there for about 14 years and now I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


I am deeply connected to the magical realms of the fairies, angels, unicorns, mermaids, and pegasus. I connect with Mother Mary, Jesus and the ascended masters (Great White Brotherhood). I feel deeply connected to ancient spiritual societies such as Avalon, Lemuria, Shamballa and Atlantis. I grew up Catholic- I love their angel prayers and saint teachings. I love to appreciate various religious philosophies! I believe I am old soul. I have connected with God and the universe in infinite ways.

Many Blessings of love and light!

Andrea Dombecki 

Contact me at

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