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Experience 3 Months of Unlimited Angel Soul Therapy

Are you looking for big healing, change and energetic support? 
The 3 Month Angel Soul Therapy Package is tailored to meet your needs. We will work on a mixture of personal healing, manifesting, and processing.


During the 3 months we will stay energetically connected. I will hold space for your healing and evolution.
As a healer and reader with over 15 years experience I will pull from my energetic tools to help support you on all levels. I will also work with my team of angels and other spirit guides. Your spirit guides and higher self will also come through to connect with to bring healing on a deep level.


Our focus during the 3 month will be created based on your needs. These are the themes that I specialize in. You can pick a specific theme or we can work on a mixture of them depending on your intentions:

*You are going through a traumatic time or are experiencing rapid change. If you feel you need extra support to rebalance and regain hope. If you feel like you world has been turn upside down and need extra support to adapt. We will use my mixture of tools to help smooth the process so that you feel well-adjusted throughout your challenges. Examples: Career change, breakup, setback or loss of a loved one.

*You want to explore your spiritual gifts that are awakening. You might want to know how to manage your energetic sensitivity or understand your psychic gifts on a deeper level so that you are more comfortable with yourself. I find many peoples gifts are awakening rapidly and they may need insight to make peace with these changes. This may include understanding how to use your gifts and how to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate them.
*You want to dive deep into self-healing and evolution. You want to explore healing your soul to restore health, wholeness and passion for life on all levels. This is great if you have had a difficult past or just feel a sense of burnout and disconnection. We will work together on finding your purpose, passion and alignment. 
*You are building your public healing business practice and would like mentoring on expressing your spiritual talents publicly and running your business. This is great if you feel a lot of resistance such as shame around being a healer publicly. (This can also include technical support as needed. Such as web design, social media training and soul centered branding-graphic design if needed)

Angel Soul Therapy can help us remove blocks and heal all areas of our life.

I will work with my angel team to assist you with anything from healing grief to finding courage to move forward towards your dreams! I always work for your highest good. My angel team brings in a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit. During your sessions I will get channeled guidance, heal karma and bring in healing energy from the universe to revitalize you. I will work with your spirit guides to bring in healing guidance and energy for you to bless your life.

I also work with shifting believe systems and energy patterns. I have extensive experience with all types of psychic healing,  such as theta healing, pranic healing and angel energy healing. 


We work on all areas of life, calling in energy healing, karmic healing, higher knowing, and soul healing.

This is a blessed time for you to really nourish yourself and deeply connect with the higher vibration healing energies of the universe. We will Identify which areas of your life need healing, then proceed with different types of healing such as past life healing, soul retrieval, deep clearing, ancestral healing and more. You will receive higher guidance and higher consciousness energy downloads based on your soul needs at this time in your life.


Classes and meditations included as needed.

This means you can choose from my large library of classes and meditations. I can also suggest special ones. I have all kinds of classes on self healing and awakening your healing gifts.


Experience 3 months of weekly sessions (weekly sessions 4-5 per month or 12 sessions roughly)phone or Zoom sessions. You can also have distant energy healing, recorded readings or email readings certain weeks depending on your needs or your schedule. We will stay energetically connected during this time. You can also email me in between session of things come up.


*If you can't make the live session some weeks you can choose from email readings, recorded reading or distance energy healing for that week.

*Up to 3 complete session cancellations allowed. If you can't make a live session and don't want the other options. I will extend 3 weeks only past the 3 months if needed.

*Package is only for one person and cannot be shared.

This is a time where I will stay connected to you. I will work with your higher self and spirit guides to bring in the consistent healing. 

Cost: $1599

If you are thinking this may be right for you can click on the button below to sign up. I also offer a free 15 minute phone consultation sample session.

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