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I am opening up a very special group coaching program for July!

It is called **Emerging Healers** and it will be focused on:

  • Helping healers be more comfortable in their skin.

  • Identifying their gifts, their worth, clearing soul karma and giving themselves permission to shine.

  • Looking at soul history, planetary history, and higher purpose. 


Whether you are just beginning or looking to move into a higher phase of being a healer and expressing your gifts!


We will be be exploring:

Our souls connection to ancient lands and celestial realms.

Gathering all our souls goodness and reclaiming our ancient knowledge and power to move forward confidently in our gifts!


Your are here on earth at this time for a reason!

Do you need more clarity, confidence and personal empowerment?

Highly sensitive crystalline people are emerging and their gifts of healing and creativity are needed. Do you feel the inner call?

There will be a live interactive group call for 1 hour each of the 4 weeks. There will also be additional worksheets, homework and mp 3s. All tailored to help you explore this subject and bring much needed healing! I will also be working energetically with the group to hold space for what is needed for each of you at this time.


This group class will be focused on:

Understanding your healing and creative gifts.

Feeling comfortable in your skin.

Moving through resistance to your true self.

Opening your wings so to speak!

Giving yourself complete permission to thrive within your work.

Unlocking hidden levels of self expression, talent and creativity.

Breathing passion, rejuvenation and ingenuity into how you are presenting your healing work to the world.

Connecting with our with higher insight,

Embodying our truest life mission confidently and in alignment with our higher knowing.


  • Depending on the energy of the group we will explore different subjects as needed. We will:

  • uncover, unlock and even retrieve our soul power.

  • Looking at the healer history of our souls connection with our higher self spirit guides, ancient lands and celestial realms.

  • Deeply understand how your soul wants to be of service.

  • Getting grounded into your healing work.


Each week there will be a 1 hour live interactive group coaching call with readings, healings and a lecture(all recorded). There will also be additional homework, worksheets and mp3's

I feel this is so needed right now as healers are emerging and need permission to step in or step in further.



Open for registration. Class size will be limited! Starts July 8th. Live calls will be Wednesday nights at 6pm PST. Reserve your spot today.

4 weeks! 

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