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New 2021 Fairy Class Series!

Do you need some fairy magic in your life??? I know I do!

Each week in May we will explore a different fairy realm and meet new fairy guides! Activate your fairy connection and receive healing downloads. Are you a fairy person like me? Let's open the veil more and bring in the magical teachings of the fairies into our world! Their higher dimensional teachings and consciousness assist us to elevate our spirit at this time. The fairies are powerful teachers of joy, creativity and earth wisdom.

Rainbow Fairies

 Connect with the rainbow fairies and unicorns. Explore their world and receive powerful rainbow activations. Rainbow energy heals the body, mind and spirit. Awaken joy and purpose. Remember who you are and the magic of your purpose! These magical spirit guides are inviting you to their land for healing and rejuvenation! They know this has been a difficult time on earth and they are here to help you to elevate your consciousness and light up your creative passion. Remember your passion to create a beautiful life on earth!

Fairy Godmothers

 These magical fairy guides have been coming through loud and clear with messages of faith and divine support. Travel to their realm to receive powerful healing on your soul challenges and receive blessings for your future. The fairy godmothers are powerful helpers and healers. They love to uplift people and bring good luck. They are wisdom keepers and they help us to look deeper and see the bigger picture. They encourage us to believe in ourselves and increase our confidence.

Fairy Royalty

 Fairy Royalty are divinely assigned leaders that are powerful fairy souls. Remember your soul history as fairy royalty. Fairy Royalty were powerful healers and leaders. Do you feel you have fairy healing gifts? Identify, acknowledge, and remember your fairy healing gifts within your consciousness once again. Remember your soul lineage as a fairy healer, animal communicator, earth communicator, environmental conservationist, energy healer, creative spirit and more. Travel to meet fairy royalty and get powerful healing and leadership activations. Have you been denying your call to leadership? Fairy royalty helps us to understand the love based balanced embodiment of our soul power.

Fairies of Inner Earth.-There are magical fairies in inner earth. They have their own forests, lagoons, and crystal caverns. They are connected to Lemuria and the higher dimensional consciousness of inner earth. These fairies come through with teachings and activations of earth magic. We visit them to learn fairy wisdom and awaken deep soul memories. Connect with these fairy guides, travel to their healing chambers and temples of knowledge. Learn about the fairies of inner earth and journey to their realm

The fairies are magical helpers at this time of great change. The fairies are already in a state of higher consciousness communicating with them helps us to uplift our vibration- Opening our hearts, calming our minds and remembering the true joy of being,

All classes are on Zoom and will be recorded.

All four 2021 Fairy Class series package is $99 

****Personalized fairy healing sessions are also available..****

I offer Fairy Soul Therapy Sessions and Fairy Soul Retrieval Sessions are also available

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