4 week coaching for the Healing the Feminine Spirit for Women. We will be diving deep into unlocking our feminine energy

This group class will be focused on:

Understanding feminine energy and allowing space for it. Honoring our sacred femininity and embodying deep self love and acceptance.

Deep womb healing and energy healing to feel safe in your body and awaken your intuition. Healing collective patterns of violence. Bringing in new matrixes of thriving and centering in spiritual power for woman collectively.

Connecting with feminine spirit guides such as the goddesses and feminine angels. Archangel Ariel, Rose Quartz Angels, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Joan of Arc, Lady Nada and Angels of Aphrodite and Venus. Angels of the divine feminine. Rose devas, fairy queens and more.

Unlock your feminine energies and start to heal your feminine lineage.

Learn healing tools such as crystal grids and flowers essences to use to support the healing of the feminine spirit in your life.

Uncover, unlock and even retrieve our collective feminine soul power and voice.

Own your mastery as a feminine goddess soul in human form.

Look at the feminine history of your souls connection with your true essence, spirit guides, and spiritual gifts

Each week there will be a 1 hour live interactive group coaching call with readings, healings and a lecture(all recorded). There will also be additional homework, worksheets and mp3's

I feel this is so needed right now as the divine feminine is rising. Women need to feel safe and in their power to show up fully for the new earth.

Week 1- Connect with your divine feminine healing guides and angels. Connect with our feminine energy flows. Unlock permission and safety to allow your feminine energies to be free.

Week 2 Ancestral Feminine lineage healing. Belief healing. Womb healing. Belief systems and intuition. Body mapping and body awareness to see where we hold energy and what we are holding on to. Awakening body love and acceptance. Feeling comfortable in our skin.

Week 3 Self care. Know thyself. Intuition self connection and more. Deep listening. Connect to self and divine. Personal style and making a sacred environment for our feminine spirit to thrive.

Week 4- Balancing feminine and masculine energies. Magical blooming of our sacred feminine path and gifts future blessings. soul power and purpose activation. Unlocking your voice and mission.



Thursday nights starting September 24th through and ending October 15th 6pm PST to 7pm PST.

On Zoom and will be recorded.

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