21 days of Angel of Abundance

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Starting June 29th I am excited to invite you to 21 days of Angel Abundance!!!!!

This is a time of abundant rebirth!!!! Can you feel it? We are embracing a higher energy wave..... let’s ride it together! It is time to invite new abundance in! The angels are here to help!!!! You are ready to reach a new level of heaven on earth! The angels are coming through to support us to embrace more abundance with grace and ease! It is time to let go of old struggles and lack mentality!

The angels of abundance want to connect with us and boost our abundance!

It is time to open your heart and mind to a higher vibration of abundance in your reality!

How will the class be presented? Once you sign up I will create a Thinkific profile for you in my new Angel Fairy Healing School Portal. Each day new lessons will pop Starting July 29th and ending July 19th. There will be 21 Angel Abundance lessons in all.

We will kicked off with a live Angels of Abundance Meditation June 29th that was recorded and then the rest of the lessons will be in the portal. We are also having a live wrap up meditation July 19that 5pm PST on Zoom and will also be recorded.

There will be prerecorded lessons and live lessons and all of it will be recorded! I will also included worksheets on some days. All class materials are available are downloadable and will be hosted in my school portal for at least a year.

This will mostly be a self study class.

This is the loose 21 day outline. Are you ready to dive deep into awakening abundance into your reality with the Angels?

  1. Calling in the Abundance Angels.
  2. Aligning with True Abundance.
  3. What is Abundance to me?
  4. Creating your personalized abundance blue print!
  5. Feeling abundant vibes.
  6. Releasing past regrets.
  7. Clearing the debt vibes... Embracing Luxury and overflow.
  8. Letting go of Guilt.
  9. Increasing self-love and having-ness.
  10. Exploring Family programming and past lives.
  11. Letting go of traumas and vibrations of lack.
  12. Allowing positive change- mental and emotional patterning!
  13. Mindset and inner dialogue.
  14. Negative belief identifying.
  15. Forgiveness.
  16. Letter to your angels.
  17. Heaven on earth.
  18. Allowing your desires to have wings.
  19. Heart centered Abundance and community.
  20. Awakening Angelic Enlightened abundant consciousness
  21. Inviting Lasting Abundance and a abundantly blessed future!

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