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This is my core self-healing with the angels program. The foundation of my spiritual healing work with the angels has been working with their higher dimensional heavenly love to raise the vibration of my life! I would like to share this with all of you in the form of a 6 part journey starting right after purchase. You can spread the class over 6 weeks exploring 1 subject per week or listen to the material at your own pace.

Each subject with have a pre-recorded 1 hour interactive angel healing lecture and meditation with deep healing on the subject.You will also receive mini mp3's meditations and recordings having to do with each week's subject.

Part 1 Health and Well-being. Bringing angel healing to the subject of health. Work deeply with the angels to bring in positive energy for your relationship with your body.

Part 2 Home, Community and Earth Connection. We will work deeply with the angels to bring positive energy to our environment. Heal all struggles we face with regards to our living situations community, or the world.

Part 3 Life Purpose/Career- Gain clarity, confidence and passion regarding your life purpose. Bring in positive momentum to fulfill your truest dreams and trust your path.

Part 4 Relationships- Bring positive energy into family, work and romantic relationships. Healing relationship karmic and bring in more harmony. Attract soul family. Awaken higher dimensional energy patterns for your relationships. Higher oneness, compassion and understanding.

Part 5 Life review/Ancestral healing/ karmic Healing- Healing ancestral wounds an curses. Bring neutrality to karmic patterns and review your life with love and healing. Review the past from a higher angelic perception.

Part 6 Self empowerment and future blessing- Work with the angels to bring in the best version of you. Are you truly showing up in your fullest soul power and potential? Do you feel excited about your future? Bring in positive energy to bless your self-esteem and to bring courage for forward motion in your life!

You will receive a link instantly to download materials.This class is diving deeply into 6 topics each topic has a 1 hour lecture, additional meditations, 1 audio prayer and 2 coaching sheets.

You will receive:

1 pdf booklet guiding you through the class topics intentions and materials.

6-1 hour classes mp3 1 for each topic listed above

6 audio prayers: 1 for each topic listed above

13- meditations:

Self love, Angel Sound Healing, Angel home Clearing, Awakening your life purpose, Career Blessing, Forgiveness, Relationship Detox, Romance, Self Love 2, Ancestral Angel Blessing, Inner Child Healing,

14 angel worksheets- with assignments

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