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Women's Spiritual Business Angel Healing Online Retreat

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Women's Spiritual Business and Life Purpose online retreat August 26th to 28th
This retreat is a mixture of live events and self-paced content. All live stuff will be recorded! You can participate live or just watch the recordings and be part of the group energy.
We will be working with the angels to release blocks to our spiritual purpose and business. Then we will be working with the angels to bring in energy and inspiration. Do you feel the pull to live your passion but still feel like you don’t know how to make it work fully? Are you caught in a negative mindset about your purpose? Are you frozen in fear or do you feel powerless around your spiritual business and purpose?
Are you ready to embrace your spiritual business in a greater way? Explore thriving within your life purpose with the help of your angels. Unleash the magical energetic codes of your life path. Be seen and be proud to share your gifts with the world.
Do you live your purpose but it not super profitable? Is there a constant inner conflict about if you should be doing something that doesn’t make good money? How do we be alignment with the highest path of magic, abundance and bliss. You have all of the answers you just have to take time to listen then have the courage to take guided action steps!
Let's spend magical healing time together with our angels! Let’s bring boost of healing and positive energy around spiritual business!
During Class we will be working with the Life purpose angels, Guardian angels, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ariel and Archangel Metatron. These angels will work with us in unique ways and share their higher wisdom and energies. We will be working with our higher self and our angel board directors to give us intuitive guidance!
Weekend Online retreat August 26th-28th
***Friday August 26th- Live intro meditation and lecture- meet your business angel team and check in with you spiritual business purpose. Take intention and intend to receive healing and upgrades. 7pm CST will be recorded.
****Saturday Live 1.5 hour class at 2pm CST Lecture and group energy healing on blocks….. and the we will explore passion and purpose. Group energy healing to release persecution, fear and any negative karma around purpose! Then group inspiration. With lightening coaching at the end. This will be a set amount of time where I will do healing with the group based on live questions.
****Sunday – You will receive pre-recorded materials to wrap up the self-paced retreat at 8 am CST. Pre-recorded meditations on business abundance and aligned vision! Quantum angel energy boost for your spiritual business and purpose! (no live gathering)
****Personalized email mini reading from me with message from you angels
****Additional mp3 recordings on angel healing for life purpose. Pdf workbooks on branding and also on being a nourished healer. And other digital goodies will be included with the retreat!

Get clear about your purpose! Clear out the cobwebs. Breathe new life into your dreams. Meet with your higher self and your angel team(angel board of directors). Start to recognize the shadows that are holding you back. Look at your life plan before you incarnated. Connect with your guardian angels and the life purpose angels for greater healing and clarity.

Mindset, self-esteem, beliefs, and ancestral healing. Dive deep into self-awareness with your angels. Where are you holding back? What do the angels say about the importance of your life purpose? Can you see your purpose as a world service? Can you receive more profits for your services? You have permission to live your purpose and thrive. You are an integral part of the leadership team of 5D earth! Your 5D skills are needed!

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