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Angel Light Healer Self Study Program

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Product Details

You will receive:

A 46 page Class notes PDF booklet.

A pdf document Titled Class links it will have 4 private YouTube links to class videos. 4 videos each 2 hours long. 8 hours total. Set up as a 4 week Program

6 Angel Worksheets

4 Angel Meditation Mp3's- Archangel Connection 14 minutes, Angel Temple of Rejuvenation 14 minutes, Awakening Your Angel Connection 16 minutes, Self Healing Angel Meditation 30 minutes

Week 1 Learn about your guardian angels, archangels, and how the angels work with us. Practice connecting with and feeling angels. Group angel attunement to your angel healing team. Connect on a deeper level with your angels than ever before!

Week 2 Group angel healing to awaken to angel communication and guidance. Learn and practice doing angel readings for yourself and others. Meet your angel reading guides and start to get messages from them.

Week 3 Learn angel energy healing tools such as visualizations, aura scanning, curse removal, visiting the angel realm and going to the angel healing temples. Practice angel prayer healing and various angel healing energy techniques that you can add to your angel healing sessions. Combine angel energy healing with angel readings.

Week 4 Awaken to your angel healing mission and talents. Get clear about your authentic gifts and your souls passion. Open up to more powerful co-creation with the Angel Realm. Learn how to do an angel soul retrieval for yourself and others.

This course is for all levels. Whether you would like to deepen your relationship with your angels for self-healing or to use in your healing practice.

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