Angel Light Medicine Energy Healing Self Study

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You are invited to join me for this exciting journey into deeply working with the angels for healing and evolution! During class we will deeply connect with the loving and healing energy of the angels. You may like to connect with the angels of healing for personal healing and empowerment or to enhance your skills to assist others. Here is an overview of This 4 Part Angel Light medicine Intensive.

This is a Self study course with recordings of a live class.

Week 1

Introduction into Angel Light Medicine Energy Healing

Learn about the different types of angel energy healing. Connect with universal healing energies and the angels of healing. Dive deeply into emotional, physical and spiritual healing with the angels.

Week 2

Learn about Specialty Angels. Explore Archangel healing techniques such as Archangel Michael soul consciousness healing,

Archangel Jophiel thought healing

Archangel Raphael Emotional body cleansing and belief healing.

I will also be talking about the Angel Temples of healing. These are angel healing temples on that angel realm that specialize in certain things such as heart healing, ancestral healing and Inner child healing.

Week 3

Dive deeper into Ancestry Healing. Pratice body scanning, belief healing, and energy repatterning. Communication with the Physical body,and learn light energy cleansing. We will also be exploring DNA activation, genetic healing and angel intention healing

Week 4

Activating your eternal essence- Joy, passion ,purpose.

Learn about Angel Healing Chambers, Angel Creation and Manifestation chambers. Practice universal Alignment with source. Receive Angel healer attunements and angel evolutionary codes.

*6 hours total of recorded live class time.

*Pdf Angel Light Medicine Energy Healing Manual that is 27 pages

*Class replay will be in the form of Streaming video or mp3 recordings.

*Plus angel worksheets

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