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Angel Soul Activation New Year 2023 Class

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Angel Soul Activation New Year 2023 Online Class Recording

It is the New Year and a great time to work with our angels to set the energy of our year and bring in powerful positive energy! The angels are calling to us to work with them to raise our vibration and set your intentions for our year with them! We are on a path of mastery of manifesting, healing and intuition! How will you activate your potential in 2023?

We will be working with the angels to bless the energy of the coming year ahead.

We will be looking at our soul karmic challenges with grace and also our ancestral patterns.

Learn Angel Tools for activating our potential.

Connect with the prominent angel guides that are working with you in 2023.

Meditate on the themes of 2023

Deepen your relationship with your higher self and the angel realm.

Angel Messages and downloads for the year ahead. Receive Angelic codes of soul potential activation.

Group energy healing to let go and de-cord the energies of the past year.

Group Meditation to Activate Our Angelic Soul Potential in 2023.

Activate your soul Potential in You angelic light body and merkaba!

You will receive:

1 hour live class class recording as streaming video or downloadable audio.

-New Years Angel Soul Potential PDF Workbook.

-Anchoring your angel Soul potential in 2023 meditation. 10 minute meditation that you can use all year.

We will be connecting with our sacred angel team for 2023:

Some of the Angel Guides for the New Year that are coming through are:
Archangel Michael helping us to rise above fear and limitation. Assert our power intention. We are space holders for the new earth that is emerging!

Archangel Metatron helping us to bring heaven to earth. Make peace with challenges in the material world and bring higher spiritual principles to our world. Creating heaven on earth... this might mean life upgrades and more energetic alignment.
Divine Feminine Angels- Helping us to heal our feminine lineage and unite our power and gentleness. Intuitive healing and manifestation. rejuvenation and true alignment.
Archangel Jophiel- being the creative visionary in our lives. Activating creative vision and joyous manifestation!

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