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Angel Soul Therapy 9 Sessions 3 Month Package

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Angel Soul Therapy Mentoring 3 Month 9 session Package

Each month it includes 3 Phone reading sessions and 1 distant angel energy healing session

Mentoring packages also include your choice of specialty sessions as needed such as Angel Soul Retrieval, Rainbow DNA activation, Past life healing and more. This is an all inclusive package tailored to meet your needs. You will have full access to my healing tools and knowledge. I have around 20 years of experience as an energy healer and intuitive reader.

Angel Soul Therapy packages are tailored to meet your needs depending on what they are. Usually we will work on a mixture of personal healing, manifesting, and processing. We dive deep into your soul challenges and support you in evolving with grace.

During the time period we will stay energetically connected. I will hold space for your healing and evolution.

As a healer and reader with vast experience I will pull from my energetic tools to help support you on all levels. I will also work with my team of angels and other spirit guides. Your spirit guides and higher self will also come through to connect with you to bring healing on a deep level. Angel Soul Therapy can help us remove blocks and heal all areas of our life.

I will work with my angel team to assist you with anything from healing grief to finding courage to move forward towards your dreams! I always work for your highest good and bring a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit. During your sessions I will get channeled guidance, heal karma and bring in healing energy from the universe to revitalize you. I will work with your spirit guides to bring in healing guidance and energy to bless your life.

We work on all areas of life, calling in energy healing, karmic healing, higher knowing, and soul healing. This is a blessed time for you to really nourish yourself and deeply connect with the higher healing energies of the universe. Identify which areas of your life need healing. We will proceed with different types of healing as needed such as past life healing, soul retrieval, deep clearing and energy healing. You will receive higher guidance and downloads of higher consciousness based on your souls needs at this time in your life.

I recommend an Angel Soul Therapy package if you feel like you are ready for intense healing and introspection such as if:

*You are going through major changes such as career change, divorce, loss of loved one and you need extra support.

*You are having a spiritual awakening.... your gifts are spiritually awakening and you need extra support to feel comfortable with who you are becoming and how it is changing your life.

* You are having emotional or physical struggles and you need extra healing to help you to walk through your soul challenges with grace and faith. You require support to connect with higher healing soul frequencies consistently.

*You are healer and/or artist wanting to show up in the world in a bigger way to do your work and align with your true purpose.

Classes and meditations are also included as needed. This means you can choose from my large library of classes and meditations if you would like. I can also suggest special ones. I have all kinds of classes on self-healing and awakening your healing gifts.

Experience 3 Months of Consistent Angel Soul Therapy Mentoring

3 Phone reading sessions and 1 thirty minute distant angel energy healing session each month.

9 Angel Soul Therapy Sessions and 3 distant energy healing sessions over 3 month period.

Plus email access to me for additional healing requests in between sessions.

*If you can't make the live sessions some weeks you can choose from email readings, recorded reading or distance energy healing for that week. *Up to 2 complete session cancellations allowed if you can't make a live session and don't want the other options. I will extend 2 weeks only past the 3 month interval if needed.

*Package is only for one person, cannot be shared.

I will work with your higher self and spirit guides to bring in consistent healing as needed. If you are thinking this may be right for you I also offer a free 15 minute phone consultation sample session. We will create a healing map together for your journey.

You can contact me at for more information and free consultation.

3 months Angel Soul Therapy Mentoring

Pricing as follows. $999 Paid in full

Payment plans offered.

$444 deposit then 2 payments of $300

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