Angel Soul Therapy for Ascension 3 Session package

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Angel Soul Therapy for Ascension 3 Session package plus additional bonus 30 minute energy healing for ascension light body activation.

The angels are here to help us with personal and global ascension shifts.

Ascension creates intense change in our lives. This can bring up fear. You may be facing career/ financial change, relationship changes, desire to move, make life changes, dealing with health issues that require a change in lifestyle....these may be changes that you never thought you would have to face.... and we can all have fear and resistance. Yet your soul knows the way! The angels are here to help you ride the waves of ascension with grace and higher knowing. Rise above fear and embrace infinite possibilities. As the consciousness of the planet changes.....we in turn must change with it. This is happening FOR us. It will ultimately bring us to a higher level of reality meaning more peace on all levels.

I created this session pack to bring people extra angelic support through ascension. Together we will bring in greater understanding and healing.

Angel healing can help us remove blocks and heal all areas of our life. Andrea and her angel team will work to assist you with anything from healing grief to finding courage to move forward towards our dreams! Andrea always works for your highest good and brings a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit.

During your sessions she will get channeled guidance, heal karma and bring in healing energy from the universe to revitalize you. During an intuitive reading session Andrea will work with your spirit guides to bring in healing guidance and energy for you to bless your life. Work on all areas of life- calling in energy healing, karmic healing, higher knowing, and soul healing. This is a blessed time for you to really nourish yourself and deeply connect with the higher healing energies of the universe. Identify which areas of your life need healing. We will proceed with different types of healing as needed such as karmic healing, soul retrieval, deep clearing and energy healing. Receive higher guidance and universal energy downloads based on your soul needs at this time in your life. These sessions are tailored to meet your needs depending on what they are. Usually we will work on a mixture of personal healing and manifesting.

Sessions are done by Phone or Zoom

After you have purchased a package Andrea will contact you to schedule your session times.

You can also email Andrea at Please make sure your order email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please send a note letting her know which email address to use.

If you are thinking this may be right for you but would like to check in before. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation sample session. Contact me at for more information

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