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Angelic Abundance Mindset and Manifesting Session

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Abundance Mindset and Manifesting Coaching Session

Let's dive deep together into your abundant mindset. We will face and release limiting beliefs. Break energy and mindset patterns of ancestral poverty and lack consciousness.
We will look at subconscious blocks, self sabotage, self worth, guilt, blame, fear about success, and other traumas that my be holding you back from your highest level of abundance. Face and release your abundance blocks. Create a success map and get clear about what you really want out of life. Face fear of change (even positive change ) it is time to truly receive the life of your dreams with an open heart.

We will look at self esteem and self confidence. Get a clear vision of what your most abundant existence feels and looks like. Increase our feeling of worthiness and havingness. Release vows of poverty, fear of greed or anything else that is hiding in your subconscious. Bring in more peace regarding abundance!

We will also create manifesting plan together. Learn tools to clear your negative beliefs and embrace abundance with your body, mind and spirit! Connect with your manifesting angels! It is time to evolve our abundance mindset and create abundant mindset rituals for lasting change.

After you have purchased a reading Andrea will contact you to set up a time that works for you. You can also choose a pre-recorded reading option if you don't have time to be on the phone for your reading. Andrea will channel the reading and send you an mp3. You can send questions or comments.

You can email Andrea at Please make sure your Paypal email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please send a note letting her know which email address to use. You can also email me directly at

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