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Angelic Womb Healing

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Angelic Womb Healing
Work with the angels for powerful womb healing. Clear feminine past lives. Heal the inner child and sensitive self. The pink angels of healing, the rose quartz, pink ray, and the floral codes of healing will be brought in. As we do this powerful session to clear the energies of the womb. Bless the womb. Release deep hurts and heal the chakras of the womb and ovaries. This is a powerful session for women to heal the feminine lineage. To heal the hurts we carry from our mother's ancestors. Start to upgrade the blueprint. Bring in the goddess blueprint of an empowered balanced feminine and a healthy womb space.
A healthy womb space is a great seat of manifestation, personal healing and feeling grounded and safe within your body as a woman. The womb responds to pink energies and is the seat of deep truth. Mother Mary helps with deep emotional healing of the womb space.
1 Hour Intuitive Reading is done by Phone or Zoom.
During the session I will do guided healing. Then the rest of the session will be talking and intuitive reading and energy healing focus on the womb. Session can be done live zoom or mp3 recording

After you have purchased a reading Andrea will contact you to set up a time that works for you. You can also choose a pre-recorded reading option if you don't have time to be on the phone for your reading. Andrea will channel the reading and send you an mp3. You can send and questions or comments.

You can email Andrea at Please make sure your Paypal email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please send a note letting her know which email address to use. You can also email me directly at

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