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Archangel Ariel and the Matrix Online Class

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Archangel Ariel has been coming through loud and clear and wants to connect with people!
She is a powerful ascension guide that would like to assist us in ascending with grace! I am excited to invite you to the:

Archangel Ariel and the Matrix Online Class

*Class recording 1.5 hours- comes as downloadable audio only version and also a link to watch the private streaming replay on YouTube.

*Archangel Ariel retreat materials- Mini Archangel Ariel Meditation and 2 worksheets.

Archangel Ariel is coming through to work with us at this time to help us to feel like we can thrive throughout great change! She works with aspects of the root chakra which include grounding and feeling safe and secure. Many are going through great changes during ascension. Archangel Ariel will work with heart and root to help us to bring back peace faith and even boost our vision of our place in the new earth that we are creating. She will help us release fear and step into more confidence and peace. This involves transcending the matrix of paradigms that were born into an embodying a new level of consciousness!

Archangel Ariel will help us with:

  • Healing ancestral struggle patterns and release suffering karma.
  • Feeling more safe, stable and thriving into your physical reality.
  • Boosting our personal power.
  • She will share powerful healing for home, health, money, physical and emotional health.
  • She will help you to transcends the matrix of limitation.
  • Archangel Ariel wants to help us to bring in the new codes of the 5D earth into our reality. She has been coming through powerfully and I am excited to connect and share her healing messages.

During the live class will have live guided meditations and group healing with Archangel Ariel. I will also share messages from Archangel Ariel about collective shifts what we are seeing and how to cope. She will be sharing energetic activations for our light body to help us adapt and thrive with grace as we move forward!

Please contact at if you have any questions.

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