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Awakening Confidence and Empowerment with the Angels

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Awakening Confidence and Empowerment with the Angels Replay

Work deeply on issues of confidence and personal empowerment. Clear and release energy patterns

Angel confidence and power activation.

Group healing to awaken your natural spiritual power and confidence.

Retrieval and cultivatation your soul power

Could you use some extra help with confidence and self empowerment? I know I can!
I personally feel that a balanced sense of confidence and empowerment helps us all lead happier lives!
I have struggled with love self esteem, lack of confidence and shyness my whole life! It is time to explore this and evolve! I know that this issue has held me back from my truth potential and I am ready to change that!

During class I will be channeling angel messages and sharing angel energy healing and activation!

We will explore the 6 things that affect our confidence
*Past lives- Slave, giesha, indentured, servants, being overpowered.
*Family patterns- family karma, learned emotional patterns that effect us on a cellular and event genetic level
*Power and authority patterns- fear of power systems on earth. I find this is from being from higher more evolved realms. We don't understand the power struggle on earth. What's up with these humans?
*Empathy- Are you so sensitive that you would rather give into everyone's will? Do you have a very weak will in order to get along with and please others?
*Gender roles- Have you learned that you have to act a certain way as a man or woman. Woman can't be powerful , men abuses power etc. Have you have issues with Male or female authority figures? How has this effected your relationships? Do you feel that you can sharing power equally?
*Curses and negative relationship patterns- Did you feel like your soul was beaten down? Maybe by a family member or authority figure?
We will be working with archangel Michael, Solar angels of golden light, Guardian angels!
Strengthening and balance a solar plexus chakra(power energy center) learn about balanced power as part of human evolution the world needs empowered conscious loving leader and embodying healthy confidence is part of that!

You will be sent a pdf with a link to the 1 and 1/2 hour mp3 version of the class

*If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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