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Awakening the Spiritual Healer Within Intensive

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Awakening the Spiritual Healer Within Intensive

Shed light and healing on what it means for you to be a light worker, healer, and bringer of change!

This class has been pre-recorded and is split up in 4 parts.

Part 1- Who Am I? Why am I here? Exploring Self-acceptance, Self doubts, fears about who you are. Explore your true nature and understanding of yourself as a healer on earth. Know thyself. Life review. Face Issues with being a healer, karma, self esteem, being different and sensitive. Higher self connection and deeply acknowledging who your spirit guides are. Embracing your destiny.

Part 2- Understanding the history of your soul and your greater purpose. You are an ancient soul who been a healer before. Let's remember. Exploring Past lives and child hood. Getting it all into perspective. Seeing the bigger picture about you and your purpose in the grand scheme of it all.

Part 3 How do we become well adjusted in the world? Explore tools to nurture yourself. Intuitive self care and solutions for adapting as a human. Navigating being in society and facing adversity- Leadership and bringing change. Clarity about future mission and feeling supported on earth.

Part 4- Practical tools and clarity to move forward! What is my next step? How can I joyously show up in the world as a lightworker who is happy and confident about who they are? Often we get pigeon-holed and think we should be a "lightworker" a certain way but the true is that you and your destiny are unique to you! The truth is you are no longer an outsider! the earth is embracing lightworkers more than ever!

Transcending fear of survival and alienation as a human(Sooo done with that) Time to reclaim the earth for love and peace!! Time to lead! Boosting your confidence as a way shower.

Class Includes:

4 hours of Live recorded class time comes in 2 formats streaming replays and downloadable mp3

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