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Dragon Healer Course

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Dragon Healer Class

The Dragons are calling out to us and want to connect. They are powerful allies for ascension at this time. They are kindred soul friends that we have known for eons! We have fallen asleep to our dragon connection and we are being called to reawaken it

Class includes

* Class recordings - 5 hours of recorded classes plus meditations. All class content will help you work with your dragon guides and get to know the dragon realm!

Part 1 Dragon Guides- Meet your dragon healing guides and open the veil to the dragon realm. Deeply connect with the dragon realm and their evolutionary assistance at this time. Dragon soul power activation and ancient wisdom awakening. Connect with the different types of dragons and their realms. Awaken your inner dragon rider and lives where you knew the dragons. Connect with the dragons of Merlin, Quan Yin, and Inner earth. Connect with dragons from the angel realm, fairy realm, and the mermaid realm. Explore the different types of dragons: Earth Dragons, Forest dragons, Fire dragons, water dragons, crystal and rock dragons, flower dragons and more! Understand the integral part dragons have played in the universe throughout time and since they have ascended. Dragons are hiding all around us. Once you awaken to them you will start to see them in forests, rivers and peeking out from inner earth. I recently sensed a dragon in the Great lakes when I fly into Chicago.

Part 2 Dragon Channeling- The dragons have ancient higher wisdom. We can receive powerful life changing information from our dragons. The dragons have a higher spiritual perspective. Practice doing dragon readings for yourself and others. Practice receiving information from the dragons for healing, manifesting and problems solving.

Part 3 Dragon Energy Healing- connect with the dragons and their healing energies. Their higher dimensional universal energies are helpful at this time for earth healing and spiritual rejuvenation. Attunement to Dragon energy healing and Dragon reiki. Connect with the different colors and types of dragon energy. Explore how dragon energy can assist your aura with ascension at this time. Their energy healing is power and support helping our DNA remember our wholeness and return to blissful communion with nature and the heavens.

Part 4 Dragon Journey and questions and answers-You can come for a live dragon journey. There will also be a question and answer time with me when and you share your dragon class experiences.

Part 5 Dragon Earth History and Evolution. How does your life purpose involve working with the dragons? Understand your future work with the dragons and how they can assist your personal evolution. Start to consciously co-create the 5D earth with your dragon guides. The dragons can assist us with manifestation, gaining higher wisdom and overcoming our sense of limitation. Connect with the Dragon elders who are guardians of ancient wisdom and exist beyond time.

When you sign up I will make an account for you in the Angel Fairy School Portal where you will have access to all class materials as they are released within a few hours.

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