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Dragon Healing Journey

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Dragon Healing Journey class replay

Journey to the dragon realm! Meet your benevolent dragon allies!

Lately the dragons have come through to connect with us! They help us to embrace our inner power and the higher blissful levels of consciousness!

We will be connect with different colored dragons such as white dragons, forest dragons, water dragons and more! I feel the healing energy of the dragons wanting to connect with humanity.

Explore your history with the dragons. Have you known dragons in past lives? Many legends have dragons such as stories about King Arthur and Merlin being friends with a dragon. Are dragons myth or reality? Did you know they say they even been mentioned in lost parts of the bible\?

I feel the dragons are ancient beings and powerful spirit guides! I have been working more and more with the dragons over the past few years, they have a deep kindness and wisdom. The dragons teach us how to access ancient wisdom and hidden spiritual strength.

*Class is recorded replay version as a downloadable mp3 audio replay

*If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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