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Fairy Plant Spirit Medicine

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Connect with the healing energy of the fairy plant kingdom and the garden fairies!

Connect with the plants that are part of your soul family. Work with the fairies to awaken your plant healing connection. Work the the fairies to bless your garden and house plants! Be in tune with the magical spiritual energies of the plant kingdom!

Dandelions are coming through big time this year! I also was working in the garden. My yarrow is coming back strong, so are the roses and larkspur. I feel beautiful plant friends coming through already- yarrow, mint, lavender, dandelion, rosemary, various herbs and more! Our plant connection is amazing for growing and choosing food, gardening and energy healing!

Class replay includes downloadable mp3 streaming replay link and mini pdf booklet.

*Class is all online. Connect with your phone or internet Join us live in the online classroom or just watch the archive recording! If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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