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Fairy Soul Retrieval

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Fairy Soul Retrieval

Andrea will work with the fairies to help you to retrieve your full fairy soul power. Through society programming we have broken our relationship with nature. This means that the full joy of our nature connection may not be awakened in this life. The fairies will create a healing space for you to gracefully awaken your energetic connection to the natural world! Your connection to Mother Earth, the plants, fairies, trees and all of the animals will be once again be awakened. At the beginning of time and throughout ancient worlds such as Lemuria we as consciousness were one with the elements and could shapeshift. As we do a fairy soul retrieval we will reconnect with our elemental roots. That may be light, stone, plant, crystal etc

Our Fairy connection can be broken from:

Religious programming

Human Society

Family programming


Law systems and persecution

Fear of Judgment

A Fairy Soul Retrieval session involves a fairy reading telling you where you turned off your fairy connection and also a fairy energy healing to awaken it once again. The fairy soul retrieval happens over a few days energetically. During your phone session Andrea will describe the nature of your fairy soul, your nature power objects, elemental roots, fairy past lives, animal spirit guides, how the fairy realm relates to your life purpose, and the earth challenges that have fragmented your connection to nature. You will receive a fairy energy healing to restore your fairy and nature connection. You will also get a fairy nervous system activation which will help to connect your energy body to Mother Earth and reactive your childlike joy. You can also choose the email only option where Andrea will set up a time to do you soul retrieval then email you a recap after. The Fairy soul retrieval happens over a few days energetically. It is a 3 day process during which time I will check in and provide angel healing support energetically. Usually a lot of heart healing happens.

Zoom or Phone option- Andrea will schedule a time with you to do your fairy soul retrieval over the phone Zoom (Session will be an hour or so). Besides the session time Andrea and the fairies will do healing work for you before and after. It is usually a 3 day process!

After you have purchased a Fairy Soul Retrieval Andrea will contact you to schedule a session time that works for you or you can choose the email only option. You can also contact Andrea at Please make sure that your Paypal email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please email me letting me know which email address to use.

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