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Manifesting with the Mystical Realms

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Connecting with the Mystical realms to manifest your dreams. Many of us have BIG visions and at this time! In order to support these dreams we need lots of spiritual support and a positive attitude!
We are evolving at a rapid rate!!
Connect with the higher dimensional energy of the mystical realms and learn from their level of consciousnesses.
Learn manifesting secrets from the different higher dimensional realms to boost your manifesting abilities!
Align with love, deeply explore the nature of your spirit and your creation power!
We will be connecting with the following realms:
Dragons- Power and perseverance- take a moment to connect with their power and strength of spirit. Feel them teaching you to do the same!
Angels- Awaken us to higher dimensional heavenly loving energies of Love and Faith. The angels help us to open our heart and mind to these loving energies that nourish us.
Mermaids- Flowing with the universe. Emotional manifestation and embracing oneness. Being in harmony with the universe and deeply connected.
Fairies- Service and joy heart energy. Giving and receiving.
Pegasus- Heavenly love, awe. bliss and invigoration
Unicorns- Protection and miracles. Believing in yourself. Courage and self esteem.
I am doing a class on this so that we can dive deeper!
Class was recorded and you will receive the 1 hour replay in 2 formats instantly as a streaming video and an audio download.
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