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Mediumship Angel Reading

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Would you like to make peace with the passing of a loved one? I will talk to your loved on the other side and help answer your questions and bring peace around their passing. Many of us experience trauma, guilt, depression and other difficult emotions after the loss of a loved. A Mediumship Angel healing helps us to communicate with spirit and get closure. During your reading the angels will provide powerful soul healing to help support you. The angels will help you to fully accept your loved ones passing and see the bigger picture. Feel God's love and strength as you move through this challenging time. The angels always work for our highest good! The angels bring a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit.

During an angel reading we will get channeled guidance, heal karma and bring in healing energy from the angels to revitalize you during this difficult time. During my angel reading sessions I work with the angels to bring in healing guidance and energy for you to bless your life and to navigate through this challenge with grace.

Some common angel questions asked in mediumship angel readings are:

Does my loved on have messages for me?

Will I ever feel like my self again?

I feel like I can't live without them. How can I heal?

How can I accept this?

How can I have peace around their passing?

Is my loved one at peace? Do they forgive me?

Are they mad at me? Could I have prevented their death?

What is my next step? How can I move on with my life without guilt? What does my future look like?

*Phone readings available in CANADA and USA only. For international I use skype.

Once you purchase I will email you to set up a time. You can also email me directly at

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