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Rainbow DNA Activation Distant Angelic Healing Session

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I am offering a special rainbow Rainbow DNA Activation Distant Angelic Healing Session sessions. This is a specialty distant energy healing session. I do a theta healing DNA upgrade with some angel energy healing. During your session I will check in with your energetic being. I will connect with your master cell in the pineal gland and work with the rainbow angels to reactivate your sleeping DNA. During this process I get visions of your spirit and DNA.

We will also do a general energy clearing. Bring peace to the aura, release stress and strengthen your relationship with your higher self

Session includes distant rainbow DNA session which takes about an hour.
You will also receive a write up of the messages and visions that I received while I was doing your session. During your session it good to relax. People feel different things. You may feel tingly warm, peaceful energy or have visions.

As an energy healer with over 20 years experience I have been trained in various energies healing modalities and have also developed my own. As I work with your spirit I will hold space for your healing and wholeness. I will call in the energy frequencies that I feel will are most beneficial for you. The angels assist me in holding space for your healing and highest good.

These sessions are done remotely during your time slot. You don't have to be on the phone with me.
Is it ok to be doing something during your remote session time? It is your preference. Some people like to meditate or lay down during this time to connect with their angels.

Once you have purchased your session package Andrea will contact you to schedule a time. You can also email her at:

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