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Spring Fairy Class Subscription 2023 VIP Reading Package

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Spring Fairy Class Subscription 2023

*Includes 3 brand new fairy classes. 1 will be released each month from March to Mary.

*There is also an email fairy reading every month- 3 total- each reading will have 3 cards from my Enchanted Fairy Heart card deck and also a 150 work personalized channeled message. You will get on reading when you sign up(within a week of sign up), then the 2nd reading on April 1st and the 3rd on May1st.

*A faery reiki attunement included. Will be done during the Energy Healing for Ascension with the Fairies May 15th.

*Fairy Soul Therapy One hour one on one session is also included. Done my phone, zoom or you can send the questions and I will do a recorded mp3reading.

*Plus Bonus Surprise meditations! The first one is Spring Fairy Heart healing.

Spring Fairy Class Subscription starts-Now- May 31st

Connect with the magic of the fairies of spring. Ground into the season and meet your spring fairy guides! Spring garden and herb intuition. Spring flower energy medicine. Spring fairy realm, animal guides and more! Awaken to spring with the fairy kingdom!

Available now- Spring Fairies Abound-Connect with the spring fairies and get ready to bloom. Journey to the spring fairy realm. Connect with your spring fairy guides. Release old winter energy and welcome new spring vibrations of joy and fairy magic.

1 hour class recording with guided meditation lecture and fairy energy healing.

April 15th Release Celebration of the Flower Fairies- Connect with the flower fairies! Open you heart to their color healing and floral messages. Journey and attune to the spring flower fairies.

1 hour class recording.

May 15th- Energy healing for Ascension with the Fairies Messages, energy healing and attunements from the fairies about ascension. Including light body activation and DNA upgrades. Are you ready for the new earth and the evolution of human’s relationship to nature and earth energy?

1 hour class recording.

*Bonus Fairy Reiki Attunement- You will receive the attunement In May the Day of Class May 15th. There will also be a manual.

*3 General Spring Fairy email readings included- 150+ word channeled fairy message. Plus 3 card reading from my Enchanted Fairy Heart Deck. You will receive you reading within 2 weeks of signing up. Then one on April first and one on May 1st.

*Fairy Soul Therapy one on one session included. This is a one hour session where we will explore your fairy connection. It can be done on phone or Zoom. You can also choose recorded option where you send up to 8 question and I will do you reading and record it. You will receive an mp3.

Sign in Portal with all class materials.

Archive Spring Fairies Class will be in there. Plus the Spring Fairy PDF Book.

Class content is already available and more will be released each moth. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot.

Contact with any questions.


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