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Unicorn Ascension Activation Class

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Unicorn energy healing to attune the light body for evolution and graceful ascension.

Work with the gentle healing energies of the Unicorns to comfort and heal the physical, spiritual and emotional body. Bring in healing energy as we are experiencing ascension shifts. As our energy body becomes less dense we could use extra energy healing to release and evolve with grace.

Surround yourself with the gentle healing energies of the Unicorn realm. Unicorns are helps of the sensitive crystal children and lightworkers. Unicorn speak the language of the heart and soul beyond words. They use gentle universal energies of love peace and compassion.

During class I will hold space for group unicorn energy healing for ascension. I will also share channeled messages from the unicorn realm and guide everyone on a unicorn healing journey.

You will instantly receive:

2 hour long class recording- in Mp3 format and also a streaming video. A pdf file of the class slides.

If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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