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Unicorns of Abundance Class

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Unicorns of Abundance Online Event replay

The unicorns are very present at this time. They are helping us to usher in a higher vibration of light and multi dimensional abundance as a race. During class I will share healing messages about evolution from the unicorns. I will also share downloads of unicorn healing energy to boost you with hope, faith and joy to move forward and expand into abundance in your life. The unicorns are the spirit guides of the gentle souls. The unicorns are here and offering powerful support to us!

Meet your unicorn abundance guides! Awaken to deeper unicorn connection.

Group healing including- a rainbow abundance unicorn energy boost an inner child heart healing and open up the unicorn heart energy grid of oneness

Guided meditation to open the heart, awaken the inner child. Get the energy of abundance flowing in your life. Within abundance we see all good things- living in peace walking in faith, health, love wealth and purpose. Traveling to higher realm of abundance consciousness-with the angel and anchor those magical energy into your world.

The unicorns are here for you during this time of great evolution as you open your heart and mind you will see higher potential for your life and your collective reality. We are here to assist you as your loving friends to open the wings of your heart and awaken your true state of innocence and light that is your true state. As you anchor in the rememberance of the codes of higher consciousness you activate these codes of energy on the entire planet. We are here with you as your sacred friends and guides at this time. We honor the light of your heart and the goodness of your being. Be not afraid. We are here to help you to remember that you are safe and blessed an that you have unlimited potential of goodness in your reality

Class includes Instant downloads of:

1 hour class download in the form of online stream or downloadable mp3

*Bonus 30 minute Unicorn Abundance Meditation with special music created by Leo Dombecki(my brother in law who is a professional musician)

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