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Winter Fairies Online Class Replay

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It is that magical time of year again! The fairies are great reminders of the magical gifts of the winter season! Are you ready to open you heart to more happiness and alignment this winter.
The Winter Fairies Online class replay is available this time of year.
Connect with the Fairies of Winter! Travel to the magical winter fairy realm! Open your heart to the magical fairy and nature magic of the winter season. Embrace the magical essence of snow, frost, snowflakes, evergreen trees, holly and more!.
Connect with Fairy animal guides- Polar bears, white owls and white bunnies, reindeer, bunny and foxes.
Take time to slow down and connect with the fairies of winter.
This helps us to release stress and open to truly enjoy our winter season!

*You will receive an email link to download a pdf with the streaming class replay link and a downloadable mp3. Class is 1 hour long.

*If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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