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10 Things to Make You Feel Better When You Feel Stuck

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

1) Go some place new. Get out of the regular environment. This helps to open our mind and shift our energy. It also helps us to get out of our heads and let go our fears and worries. You may want to try a new park or mall. Drive to a new town or part of your city. I also like to take super long walks.`

2) Write! You can write a blog, poetry or journal. You can write about how you feel, or a forgiveness list, or a blessing list, or a list of life goals. Make a list of all worries, meditate and pray about each one. Make a list of your true passions and what you REALLY want out of life. Writing helps us align our thoughts and process our emotions. This helps us to feel clear headed.

3) Spend time with friends. This helps us to lighten up and let go and feel like everything is gonna be OK! Make a play date or just talk on the phone! Friend time helps us to feel comfort and peace with the process of life.

4) Interact with animals, nature or children. This awakens happiness, love and kindness. It gets us into our heart and out of our head. Be present.

5) Pretend you are your own awesome parent or coach. Give yourself a pep talk and a boost of confidence. What would you tell yourself? Hang in there? Believe in yourself? Slow down. Trust your intuition? To have faith and patience? To never give up and to keep going?

6) Read something positive- It could be an uplifting novel, a self help book or spiritual book. Whatever your soul is drawn to. This helps to expand your mind and change your "stuck" thoughts.

7) Do something creative. Cooking, crafting, pottery, painting, playing music, or cleaning and decorating your living space. Make a creative bucket list. Take time for creative play. This gets the energy flowing and helps us to let go.

8) Make a positive change in the world! It could be to donate food to a shelter, clean the forest, or volunteer to help someone with a house project.

9) Watch or listen to something uplifting It could be your favorite movie, a comedy or anything that ignites your souls passion. Do you have a favorite song that opens your heart and helps you connect with the magic of life?

10) Make time to connect with your spirit. It could be to pray. To do some energy healing and yoga. Or maybe make a healing ceremony or altar with the focus of blessing your life or manifesting your dreams. Maybe do some crystal healing or sound healing. Visit a sacred spiritual place to meditate and pray. Take time to slow down and connect with the energy of your spirit.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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