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10 ways to focus on the self and overcome codependency and loneliness.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Wowza with summer and pandemic there can be a lot of loneliness and alienation!

But if we Look deeper there are lessons. You can be the leader of your own fun and strengthen your relationship with self. Embrace fulfillment. Strengthen your tree trunk of self and root deeper.

Here are 10 tips to realign and empower yourself.

  1. Exercise, stretch, do yoga, dance, move your body and be present with your body! I love qi gong and I love energy medicine exercises! I never regret moving my body. It moves energies and releases anxieties. It helps us feel joyous and empowered.

  2. Clean your space. Declutter, organize, and make your sacred space. This helps us to feel grounded. Make your home a sanctuary.

  3. Cook, buy healthy food, focus on the sacredness and joy of food. Go to the farmers market. Make something that lights up your being. Cook a new recipe. get new spices. Seek out whole ingredients. You can also make a beautiful space to eat. Light candles, have flowers and beautiful plates.

  4. Set goals- Get clear about what you want in your life. Face fears about what you think about what is possible and align with what really creates joy.

  5. Rest and do therapeutic activities. Massage, reflexology, and foot baths. Crystal healing, drumming and sound healing.

  6. Take time for prayer and spiritual activities. Listen to meditations, audio books and read your holy books that strengthen faith. Cultivate your divine connection.

  7. Be present with your feelings. Take time to listen to your intuitive messages. Be with self and be present with compassion.You can journal or just spend quiet time alone getting in tune with yourself.

  8. Deeply listen to the universe. Whats next for you? Whats your purpose? What feels most aligned and joyous right now? Get into the flow of joy and magic.

  9. Be grateful for the things and people right in front of you. Open your eyes with love and appreciation.

  10. Step into your power. Be the creator. Make your own fun! Build a garden. Create art. Say affirmations. The power is the now. Stop waiting for someone else to make you happy or for everything to be "perfect" before you can be happy.

Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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