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5 Days of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Day 1 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels

We will be taking these 5 days to check in with ourselves and do deep heart healing with the angels. During this time of year the veil is thin and it is a good time to connect with your angels. It also can be an emotional time, so it is great to work with our angels to calm the heart and soul.

Become present with how you feel this holiday season. We will be working with the Golden angels of Christmas and our guardian angels.

Connect with your angels and recognize the feelings of the season. Check in with your being. Be present in your body. Breathe. Feel the loving presence of your angels. Do a mini life review. What feelings and memories come up this time of year?

Do you feel grief, depression, loneliness, regret, or fears? Why? What comes to mind? Losses? Failures? Fears? Longing? Do you miss people and places? Are you numb? Frozen? How can you start to feel more present, relaxed and joyful? Do you feel connected to a higher power? Do you feel stable rooted and aligned? Acknowledge your fears and other emotions. Now consciously bring love to them. Give them to the angels. Your fears are not you. You are whole. Connect with your wholeness now. Feel the light of your spirit and call it in rest in it. Let us bring light to our self-love and divine connection. Invite a feeling of inner peace love and connection. See this light of peace in your heart growing as a vibrant white light.

Dearest Angels of Christmas help to heal and open my heart this holiday season. I now chose to be present and aligned in my life. I want to open up my heart and flow with bliss in my life. Let me feel love within me and all around me. Angels please walk by my side. I welcome your presence that brings peace, grace and miracles. I now invite you to surround me and bless me during this holiday season.

Day 2 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels

Today we will be focusing on forgiveness and making peace with the help of the angels.

Connect with the golden angels. Make a forgiveness list. Acknowledge who and what disturbs you. Do you need to forgive people, situations and yourself? Where you ever betrayed? Let down? Exploited or mistreated? Do you feel guilty about any of your actions?

The angels are holding a space of peace for you now to do a forgiveness inventory and to bring light to things that you are not at peace with. Breathe and know that you are safe and loved. As the angels encircle you, feel their support. They help you to feel true peace and joy, and to dissolve your suffering. It is now time to embrace the light and joy of the now. We are now calling in higher dimensional energies.

See the light of peace growing in your heart. See it as larger than any unpleasantness. Peace is greater. As we walk in faith we realize that the light of peace can overcome all suffering. We are free to let go and be joyful. As we release our stories we connect with our true nature of perfection and peace as a child of the divine. As we look forward in our life we connect with our true spiritual inner light and a higher consciousness of peace. I forgive and make peace with all. I now bring in the powerful light of peace. Dearest angels peace encircle me with love and peace. Help me to be at peace with everyone and everything. Help me to be beacon of light and peace in the world. Help me to live as a person of hope and joy shining from within.

Day 3 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels

Today we will be focusing on true abundance. Heart centered blissful TRUE abundance.

As we work with the angels to awaken true oneness and nourishment within our hearts we will be welcoming the golden energy of spiritual abundance.

Our spiritual lesson this time of year is that we are never separate from infinite abundance.

What encompasses abundance for you?

Health, happiness, love, luck, luxury, nourishment, freedom peace of mind, success, passion, belonging, purpose, safety, comfort, joy? What else?

What does the absence of abundance feel like? Loneliness, longing, deprivation, terror, fear of future? Bitterness and suffering? Let's us sit with this shadow and open our heart with love. The angels are bringing in self compassion and unconditional self love. We can face our fears with higher understanding. The angels are with us in the midst of our suffering. As we intend on bringing light to these patterns, these thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Dearest Golden angels of true abundance. Help us unlock the truth of spiritual abundance. Feel this golden light of abundance growing in your heart, in your being, in your aura and then out to all areas of your existence. Affirm within that divine abundance is unlocked. Divine abundance is in tact.

Feel the safety of knowing that your soul is whole and nourished. As our inner world is whole, stable and abundant the outer world reflects this. We ask the Golden angels to continue this deep teaching with us on a soul level. Let us become more acquainted with our true nature of spiritual abundance.

Day 4 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels

Today we will be focusing on letting go and moving forward We can get so stuck in the good and bad from the past. All we really have is the now and the expectation of what is yet to come. We are working with the angels to let go now. To truly be free from the past and what no longer serves us.

This may have to do with being honest within yourself about what needs to be let go of. When we make a vacuum we let go of toxic things and make room for good things. This can be actions, ideas. situation or just thoughts that no longer serve us.

Notice where you are stuck. Can you let go more of a deceased loved one more? An ex? A job loss? An old friend? Money from the past? Houses? Possessions? Are we seeing people and things with eyes from the past? It is safe to let go. Sometimes we fear nothing else is coming so we hold on or we are loyal to those from the past. So today we clear our hearts of all that is not longer benefiting us and what is no longer here. We make room for being in the complete present. As we bless and heal all involved we ask the angels to hold a sacred please for us to move on with love in our hearts. Dearest angels please assist me as I move on with love in my heart. I want to be fulfilled and happy. I want to feel innocent joy once again. I bless all the love and happiness that I have experienced and I now welcome more. I release all people, places and situations that are no longer a part of my life. I would now like to open my heart to new joys. I can be happy now and In the future I am always in the right place at the right time. I am experiencing the present fully. I am an innocent and loved child of the universe. I am safe within the process of life.

Day 5 Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels. Today we will be working with the angels to open true heart bliss. Embrace ascension through the heart chakra. Awakening the multidimensional levels of our heart. We will be working with the angels on releasing all blocks and excuses why we can't fully receive happiness. The goodness of life truly is seeking us. We will be exploring the deep sweetness and our true self within our hearts. The golden angels will help us to open your magical heart energy flow, heart magnetism and your connection to your heavenly consciousness. As we evolve we are moving more into being more heart centered. Releasing all excuses why we can't be happy. There is endless love within our heart. We were made to be happy and loving. Let's give and receive love freely and embrace our true loving state of being. Dearest angels please help me to open and explore my heart bliss on a deeper level. Help me access deeper levels of love and inner peace within my heart chakra. We can hear the angels singing and encouraging us to consciously open our hearts once again. I am happy right now. I see the world with my heart. I rest within my heart. I love freely. It is safe for me to have an open heart.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea Dombecki is a certified Angel Reader, Fairy Intuitive, Energy, Theta healer and an artist. She offers personalized healings and classes for your spiritual development.

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