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5 Days of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Day 1 of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies!

Today we are awakened to the heart centered joy of the season! Miracle energies, higher dimensional love and hope. Being in the flow of universal abundance and gratitude. Connect your heart with the magic of the universe and feel how the veil is thinner. Feel love and gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Feel the joy and miracle of existing. What is truly important to you? What is the meaning of life? The angels are helping you with deep heart connection and awareness. Feel the deep heart healing activation and opening. Send love and pray for the earth and everyone. The fairies are also coming reminding us of charity- watching over the earth, the children, the animals. Saying prayers for all. Watching over the needy, having universal love and compassion. Sharing love and resources. Feeling a oneness. Wishing abundance for all. Living in the heart helps us to feel true wealth which is love and togetherness. Love and gratitude comes first then abundance in all forms shows up in our world. We will also explore faith today. Faith in the abundance of the universe. Faith in a blessed future for all. We pray for the abundance and peace of all today. Know how important you are and the difference you can make in the world with your love <3 Listen to my podcast here:

Day 2 of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies! Today we are celebrating the joy of your inner child! Connect with the sweet inner child part of yourself. Play and have fun. Release tension and anger. Focus on enjoying life. Do things that make your heart sing and are delicious. Think of the holiday season as a child. What did you enjoy? Snow? Sleigh riding? Receiving gifts? Certain foods or drinks? Gatherings? Inner child joy and innocence is an energy of abundance! When were you the happiest during the holiday season? What is your happiest memory? Let go of baggage and burdens. Live in the present. Connect with the fairies as they help you to awaken your childlike joy. I also feel holiday animals with us like penguins, reindeers and polar bears. Remember how the holiday season felt to you as a child and bring back the magical happy energies! The fairies are excited to assist you with this! Let go of all negative energies that are blocking the joy now. Feel a joy that is greater than anything else! Now meditate on how to stay in that joy and create more of that joy. You might be inspired to do certain to take certain actions. Stay in tune. Listen to today's podcast here:

Day 3 of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies! Today we are celebrating the magic of giving and receiving gifts.Connect with the joy of gifts!Bless all your gift giving and shopping. Bless and clear all stress. See abundance all around you and feel yourself in the magical flow of gift giving.Touch your heart and also be open to receiving the perfect magical gifts. Feel the oneness and magic of giving and receiving gifts. See all as abundant. See yourself giving and receiving generosity and ultimately holding the vibration of infinite abundance for all! What can you gift the world?Now listen for any intuitive messages that you can receive about gifting this season! Listen to today's podcast here:

Day 4 of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies! Today we are looking at our divine connection during this season. Connect with your spirit guides and a higher power. Feel plugged into the goodness, wholeness- your inner connection. This is a deep sense of nourishment and contentment! We look endlessly outside of ourselves for our wholeness but it can always be found within us. At this time of year we can be hard on yourself with regards to goals and taking inventory of progress in life. Take time to go within an meditate on self acceptance and love. Now listen for any intuitive messages that you can receive about your divine connection this season. Are you being called to take an action that will strengthen your divine connection? Outward things don't complete us in the way that our inner divine connection will. Our divine connection comes foremost. Listen to today's podcast here:

Day 5 of Holiday Manifesting with the Angels and Fairies! Today we are looking at the energy of rebirth and hope. As we take inventory of our past year we are introspective. We may look at our shadow with compassion. We look at our patterns of self-sabotage, regret, disappointment, hopelessness. But we can also look deeper to our light, our compassion, and our joy. We are not our suffering or our judgements of life- we are an eternal spirit. Feel the support of your guardian angels. No matter what we we have lost or what has fallen apart our spirit is whole and continually renewing itself. Get in touch with your true power and light. Archangel Azrael assists us as we release the old with grace. What have you left behind? Do you feel in touch with your true self? How can you reach within and find hope for the future? Feel Archangel Jophiel assisting us in creating beautiful things in our lives. Rebirth can be terrifying times- old things crumble and we are pushed out of our comfort zone. Life shakes things up. At these times it is important to anchor into positive ideas- our true power within and our spiritual joy. Can you make a list of forgiveness and releasing. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you to cut the cords and to bless all challenges from 2018. Now make a list of hopes and dreams for 2019- how will your recreate yourself? How will you evolve? If you choose you can ask Archangel Michael to lead the way and watch over you. Listen to today's podcast here:

Written by Andrea Dombecki

To find more about Andrea Dombecki's work with the Angels and Fairies visit

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