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5 days of Stress Relief with the Angels.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Welcome to 5 days of Stress Relief with the Angels.

Day 1 Take a stress inventory

How stressed are you? What is causing your stress? Fear of the future? Phobias? People? Empathy? Global issues? Traumatic memories? Finances? Guilt? Pressure? Family? Obligation? Is your life balanced? Do you feel safe, loved and supported? Take a look at each of these things with love and compassion. Ask Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, your guardian angels and the angels of healing to surround you now with peace. Set the intention that you would like to work with them over the next 5 days to decrease your stress level and to bring more peace into your life. Close your eyes now and take this time to connect with your angels. Raise your mind up to their consciousness. Feel the loving assistance of the angels with you. Ask them to help you now to release stress from your life. See them sharing their light and peace. See them clearing your aura of all dense energies and bringing in the light of the universe. Ask them specifically to help you to clear energetic stress patterns in your consciousness. Listen to my angel stress relief podcast:

Day 2- Focused Prayer

Prayer Treatment for stressful situations: Dearest angels please bring healing to this situation____________________ I am making a clear request for healing. Ask yourself: Am I choosing this stress? Am I benefiting from it in any way? Is there a lesson that I am learning? Have these clear intentions: I would now like to bring in divine healing. I would like to release any unconscious patterns that are creating situations that are not in harmony with my higher self.

Touch your heart and say: I now welcome positive change. Feel your guardian angels by your side blessing your intention. Breathe and see yourself receiving solutions. It doesn't matter how long you have experienced the stressful situation. Your ego might make excuses and tell you why things can't change. Just breathe and let go of any negative thoughts. Right now you can accept positive change. Feel that on a deep level. Feel your guardian angels surrounding you with love and assistance.

Use this prayer treatment for as many things as you like.

Day 3- Awakening more happiness in our lives

Have you gotten very serious? Do you have as much fun as you used to? Do you laugh often? Is joy your priority?

Let us work with the angels now to awaken fun and happiness! Ask yourself what are the things that make you happy? When were you the happiest? What where you doing? Who were you with? Let's work with the angels now to bring in more happiness and luck! Let's receive a luck and happiness blessing from the angels. Open your heart and receive, Remember life is fun! Commit yourself to creating a happier future! See the energy of fun, happiness and luck surrounding you now! You can pick a color for it to represent and imagine that you are in a cloud of that color!

Day 4- Stress release and self healing. Be aware of where are you holding stress? Today we will deeply work with Archangel Michael to release stress. He can help us release energetic cords and clear lower energies. Ask for his help now. Be present in your body. Ask yourself what is causing you stress in your life? Are you holding on to the stress of others? Where is this energy located in your being? Scan your body. Breathe and see the stress leaving you. Then visualize that you are surround by a healing white light. How can you overcome stress? Here are some ways to counteract stress.: Energy healing, creativity, music, prayer, dance, walking, crafts, reading, meditation, yoga, exercise, nature, fun, affirmations etc. You can listen to my Archangel Michael Master Problem Radio show here:

Day 5-Programming a peaceful future with your angels Sending millions of angels to bless your future. If there are any fears about your future send love and healing to each one. Relationships- love- family Support- money- home- career Health- happiness- well-being Send pink healing light to your future. Sending angels to light the way. Ask that we awaken our divine heavenly future. Affirmation: My future is blessed. The universe loves me. I am safe in the ever changing process of life! Listen to my angel future planning podcast:

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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