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5 Ways to Embody Love and Happiness!

Do good deeds!- This can be anything from picking up trash, baking something as a gift, giving a special gift, donating money or time. Meditate on what good deeds you can do. Notice how doing good deeds uplifts your spirit and even increases your luck! How can you pay it forward?

I spread kindness with my actions.

Brighten your environment- Clean and declutter. Decorate and bless your surroundings. How can you fill your environment with love? Take time to really check the energy of your space. You can play happy music, do sound healing(drum, chimes or singing bowls are great options) open windows to air out your home

I love to bless my living space.

Sing, dance, skip, or walk- Awakening the joy through body motion is contagious! Moving with joy helps us to feel at peace. It helps us get into the magical flow of life.

I love to move with joy!

Choose hope and joy- Be self aware of what energy you are bringing to the world. Read positive things to uplift your spirit. Breathe in joy and activate the magic of your spirit!

I love to chose to be filled with hope and joy!

Bless others and be the change!- Recognize that we are all part of one earth community!!! Acknowledge everyone and pray for everyone. This helps us feel more unity and inner peace. Look deeper and connect with peoples soul. I love to bless all people!

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Healing


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