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7 days of Abundance with the Leprechauns

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Welcome to 7 Days of Abundance with the Leprechauns!

Day 1 Service to People

Day 1 Leprechaun Favors- Be of service to those around you! Ask the leprechauns what you can to to nurture those around you. Maybe cook or clean for your family or friend. Decorate your home, do something nice for a family member, coworker, roommate or friend regarding chores. Examples- wash dishes, take the garbage out, clean a closet, do an extra chore etc. Do this chore with love in your heart to nurture those around you! The leprechauns trick us because the assignments they give us really bless us too!

*When I did this assignment I realized how much negative energy can be around house work! This energy can block the flow of happiness in our life! Open your heart to doing things for others just for the joy of it and enjoying simple pleasures! My task will be to organize my pantry/laundry room with love as this will be a very nice thing to do for my husband! I know it will help with the feng shui of the house! The Leprechauns are teaching us that doing service with love opens us to the magic of life! They also teach us about really loving and nurturing our surroundings!

Day 2 Service to the Land

*Day 2 Leprechaun Favors- Be of service to the land in your community. Ask the leprechauns what you can to to nurture the land around you. You can take a plastic bag outside and clean up garbage. You can also walk around with the intention of sending love to the earth, trees and plants in your community. This is waking us up to a new energetic awareness of the nature around us and our connection to it! The love we give the land comes back to us multiplied and helps our community become happier. The leprechauns may also guide us to a park or certain area that needs extra cleaning or love.

*When I do this assignment my heart opens and I start to have good luck! This is something that I do regularly to open the way for abundance in my life! You can feel how happy the land is when we love and care for it.

Day 3 Leprechaun Favors- Be of service to the plant kingdom today!

Ask the leprechauns what you can do to connect with the plants in your life. Maybe get a new house plant or plant for your garden. Maybe buy a plant as a gift for someone. Get a special plant to eat or make tea with. Today is about being in tune with the plant kingdom! The plants are always speaking to us if we listen.

*When I did this assignment I realized how the plants are always asking for things. When I do what they ask I feel a big healing shift! My task is to get a sunflower for my garden. I also noticed when I do one plant service activity the plants started asking for more right away! Developing my connection to the plant kingdom opens my heart and calms my mind.

Day 4 Service to Animals

*Day 4 Leprechaun Favors- Be of service to the animal kingdom today! Ask the leprechauns what you can do to connect with the animals in your life. Maybe get your pet a special treat or take them somewhere. Feed the squirrels, ducks or birds. Donate time or money to an animal shelter. *When I did this assignment I realized how to be even more in tune with the animals also around me. To really make it a priority to listen to what they are asking for. I have been guided to buy my cat special houses, leashes and food. I was guided to get a hummingbird feeder for my garden. I also was inspired to get a present for my sisters dog.

Day 5 Give a Gift

*Day 5 Leprechaun Favors- Give someone a special gift today! Ask the leprechauns who needs a gift? What you can get them or make them? You may be inspired to make a card for someone or bake cookies. Maybe you can buy someone a book or flowers. Listen for intuitive guidance from the leprechauns.

*When I did this assignment I realized how a nice deed such as a gift can open my heart and bless all! At Christmas time I was at Starbucks. There were two ladies who looked homeless with shopping wagons filled with clothing. I heard clear intuitive guidance to give them each a Starbucks card. I followed through and gave them both one. They were very happy about it and I felt a huge heart opening! The rest of the day I had really good luck and felt very happy. I was even given a present from someone unexpectedly later that day!

Day 6 Fairy Art *Day 6 Leprechaun Favors-Set the intention to invite the fairies into your life through fairy art! Ask the leprechauns what fairy art would like to connect with you. Maybe get a fairy statue, draw some fairy art, get or look at some fairy art.

*When I did this assignment I realized how showing fairy art to others was a service to the fairy realm. It awakens people to the fairy realm! Getting a fairy statue invites the fairies into your home or garden.

Day 7 Fairy Party

*Day 7 Leprechaun Favors: Hold a fairy party! Ask the leprechauns to inspire you. Maybe cook for friends, watch a fairy movie, or do fairy crafts together. You can also dress up and have a fairy party with some children.

*Whenever I hold fairy parties I notice they bring a lot of joy into everyone's life. I also notice that I seem to have good luck after!

by Andrea Dombecki

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