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Angel Healing for Empaths

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Recognize you are an empath. Understand how you physically take on stress. Understand how your thoughts make you feel, how places make you feel, how situations make you feel, or how relationships make you feel. Understand and explore your feeling nature. Listen to your feeling language. Connect your soul with your core of empathic intuition. I feel it in the belly.

Understand what feels good.... places, people, activities that help you feel aligned. Know how to listen to your empathy. What's your empathy saying to you? It has a story. Do you need to do things that you love or go places that heal you? Can you learn how to understand your empathic language? And strengthen your relationship with your feeling self?

Are you getting stuck in stress vibes, the vibes of others or the vibes of places. Do you clear energy and pick up energy everywhere you go? Kind of like you are an energetic vacuum cleaner? Learn how to clear vibes and strengthen your own vibe. Practice. Learn energetic techniques that feel good to you! There are so many options out there. I personally love yoga, breathwork, psychic healing tools, visualizations and qigong. Be confident as an Empath. Have your empath supplies ready also....special books, oils, energy healing, meditations, music, sound healing, gardening, art..make an empath tool kit. Create a sacred meditation space. Your empathy is a kind of soul language. Keep listening to it. You can practice different ways to listen to it. You can journal or meditate. Learn to cultivate tour intuitive to get answers. Stay calm and stop yourself from feeling powerless. Ask the universe: Show me what I need to know about my empathy. We are more likely to receive answers when we are calm and receptive.

Grounding and centering is a great tool for an Empath. Develop a relationship with God or a higher power that you feel can watch over your psychic space. They you will not feel so victimized. Recognize your empath history. Did you get sick after stressful things? Do you take on the stress of others to help save them? Do you fear and judge pain and suffering? Do you resist death and loss in the world? As an empath you are picking up information all the time. You are reading the vibrations of everything and gathering information. Do you use substances to numb your empathy such as food, smoking or drugs?

Being fluid and neutral to life's ups and downs is also a great tool for empaths. How do we do this.... meditation and stillness. Downtime is great. Nature is great. Water is great. Focus on clearing stress and having more acceptance. We can do this through intention, journaling, eft tapping, prayer.... sometimes just thinking I would like to be more neutral about this helps us. You can identity your triggers and think about neutralizing them. Life is a mystery. The more we can release the fear of what we don't understand the more peace we will feel. Trust your intuition and tap into solutions for how to flow with and even enjoy your empathy.

Ask yourself why was I gifted with empathy and what am I supposed to do with it? It is most likely part of your life purpose. To deeply communicate with the universe and uplift it. You may be an empathic channel, empathic transmuter, or empathic communicator. Empathic Channelers feel great pain in the world and are destined to be great bringers or other vibration. They bring Joy healing and love in the world through their vibrations. Empathic Transmuters are psychic janitors of sorts feeling fulfilled by deeply clearing and loving our surroundings. Some if us empathically feel what the world needs and know our part in evolving it.

Empathic Communicators are great at listening to the world on a multidimensional level. they can communicate with children and animals and earth they can also listen on a vibrational level.

Empaths are great at understanding the needs of others and are ahead of the game at school and work because they feel their way more than others. This can make them a step ahead unless they get overwhelmed. Discernment and self awareness are great tools for empaths because empaths can often get lost in serving the needs of others.

Self care and Self awareness for empaths. Listen to your being. Ask yourself what make me feel balanced? Grounded? Healed? Whole? Nourished? Passionate? Listen to your intuition. Use your discernment. Take time to check in and know your self.

Empaths can thrive in the right places where they are destined to be. As a child I would get sick when I was in the wrong school then as adult the same thing happened if I was in the wrong job or home. But when I am in the right school or job I super thrive with joy and fulfillment. As an empath myself I always need a garden animals art and music around me! All of these gentle things bring me into alignment. I also do not like to be near people who are angry and lack compassion. It's super fun to unlock the mystery of empathy. If we can accept empathy as a gift of human evolution we can understand the beautiful potential that we possess to change reality and spark others to do the same. Our empathy is a soul compass for human evolution and being human is quite a ride.

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