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Angel Messages for Self Healing

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

I was journaling with the archangels and guardian angels earlier and they were really helpful and healing. first I took a deep breath and opened my heart to them. I set the intention to connect with them. Then I paid attention to any visions or sensations. I felt a subtle release in my heart like a feeling of safety and belonging. I listened deeply and wrote down what I was getting from each angel or angel group that came through.

Archangel Michael came with protection piercing through fear and illusion with his sword. He reminded me that future is protected. I am never alone. I can be flexible and trust. I can release control and fear.

Archangel Gabriel came with an attunement to my divine guidance. He reminds me that all the answers that I seek are right here. We are safe. We can talk to God and listen to God's plan for us.

Archangel Chamuel came through. He was pale gold and he was just standing there. He reminded me to just be present and fearless. I don't have to fight for things. What us for me is set in stone. When I'm plugged in I magnetize it to me.

Archangel Raphael healing health beliefs and awakening inner knowing also bringing on holistic tools for emotional well-being. He is the divine physician. Helping us to call in what is needed for our healing. I also saw his green sacred geometry healing symbols.

Archangel Jophiel reminded me of my power to create beauty in my life. That I am an empowered manifestor of beautiful places and circumstances. Bloom happiness and beauty through intention and action steps. Yes!!!

Archangel Ariel reminds us that we are bringing divinity into physical. That we can be united with the divine and feel truly plugged into the divine mind, Source or God.

Guardian angels bring in self love. Self awareness and ancestral healing. They also help with positive habits. Boundaries and inner truth.

Rainbow angels are also around helping to purify and uplift your consciousness. Sending rainbow energy to the future and uplifting the vibes of your life. Thank you rainbow angels!!!

I hope this helps you connect with your angels for inner peace, healing and problem solving in your life. You are worthy of the help of your angels. It is your birthright.

by Andrea Dombecki

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