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Anger Healing Process

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Why am I angry? Am I feeling powerless? Wronged by life? Limited by circumstances? Bullied or damaged by others? Can I not make peace with what happened in the past- with my unforeseen challenges and failures? Do I feel stuck right now? Can I be with my anger and let it tell me its story without lashing out or doing any self-destructive things? I will learn from my anger and transmute it into positive energy that I will use towards creating a balanced reality. Is my anger telling me where I need an attitude shift? Can I embody a new perspective? Expand my mind? How can I be my own personal hero overcoming the limitation and anger? How can I process my anger without creating more pain? Can I wrap my mind around transcending anger and bringing in a new story? How can I embody a new story that I will overcome my circumstances?

I will make peace with the now. I will not let others destroy me. I will not let the world crush me. I will be balanced in my power and joy. I will be present. I will make the best of what I’ve got. I will live consciously and productively. I know being alive is a great gift and responsibility. What am I doing with it? There is nothing in the way of my dreams. I am patient and I have a positive attitude. I trust my life is blessed and unfolding perfectly. I see my challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. I face and transmute my anger and hopelessness. I embrace my shadow. I listen to my shadow but at the same time I don’t fully believe it. The shadow will always give a story of helplessness and victimization. It says: I can’t. They did it to me. It’s too late. It’s impossible. Can you go beyond the shadow and connect with your eternal empowered spirit? The shadow is a pain body that we need to move through in order to change and spread our wings. When we shed light on it we realize it is just showing us the parts of ourselves that need light and spiritual evolution. It is the voice of the part of us that needs to be heard and then evolved. Can you give it space to express itself? You are safe and blessed in the universe. Step into true alignment and fulfillment now. What does that feel like and look like to you? What truly lights you up? How can you follow the flow of joy in your life? Archangel Michael is bringing codes of higher consciousness and spiritual empowerment. Are you ready to expand your mind? Are you ready to evolve past your old stories?

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