Ask for all of your needs to be met.

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Remember to Ask!

Ask for your problems to be solved! Ask for clarity. Ask for guidance. Ask for your next action steps.

Ask for the right job, friends, partners, homes, pets, plants, schools, cars books, clothes, furniture.

Ask for the right healer, counselor, doctor, medicine, modality etc.

Ask for protection and wisdom

Ask for your bills to be paid. Ask for your debts to be paid in full. Ask for all of the money that you need.


The angels remind us that they are always here to assist us. Sometimes we get caught up in the lack, the fear, desperation, confusion and struggle. They remind us that we just need to stop and ask for help. Calmly ask and have faith that assistance is on the way at the perfect time. Remember you are worthy!

Take some sacred time to ask for all that you need.

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