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Awakening the energy of dominion with Archangel Michael

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

When you are in charge of something or rule over it you have dominion. Archangel Michael reminds us that in truth we have dominion over our world. As we awaken to our higher self we recognize that we are completely in charge. We are safe and we can embrace the perfection of our existence. Recognize that you are the creator of all things in your world. Look deeply at why you are creating things. Are you denying your power? Are you benefiting in any way from stress, lack or drama? Are you orchestrating events to learn specific things? Align your heart with heaven within and realize you are never a victim of circumstance.

You are in charge of all.

Feel this spiritual truth down to the core of your being. Consciously know that you are in charge. It is a great responsibility. We get back exactly what we give out. Let us work with archangel Michael to align purely with good intentions for ourselves and all of life. Are you ready for the spiritual responsibility of living consciously? It means treating others fairly and acting with integrity. It means aligning with our soul power and owning the great responsibility that we have as a conscious creative being. If we are stuck in doubt self we must hold ourselves accountable.

You are just as valuable and as worthy as every other human being! I find there are 2 extremes. Egocentric or low self esteem. Both cause suffering. When things go right for us we may forget our service and think we are a super hero on top of the world.

When things go wrong for us we become bitter and disconnected from Gods guidance. For a while I thought the world was only for others. I thought they could thrive here but I just get tossed around and mistreated. I ran thought patterns of poor me. They were almost involuntary. I had the lists of things that when wrong and why I couldn’t ever feel happy on earth. As I dove deeper into my sense of powerlessness I woke up to the fact that being alive is a great responsibility. I surrendered to a heart centered expansion of greater wisdom and responsibility as a human. I learned to be humble to the grand universe and all the gifts we are given. Things go wrong to realign us. Unforeseen losses evolve us. Unwanted challenges and failures all trigger us to awaken our gifts. To push us more unto our true path. This path can seem wild and uncharted. The true light of all goodness is always beneath it all. The universe is kind. Circumstances come and go but this true light is eternal. Gods love is everlasting. Turn your eyes away from useless things.

The strength of your spiritual dominion will keep knocking on the door until we awaken to the spectacular truth of who we really are. Archangel Michael assist us in waking up from the mesmerism of being a victim. He reminds us our spiritual power and resourcefulness. We have all of the tools that we need to overcome any challenge that we face in truth. Shift your attitude and embody Archangel Michaels teaching of dominion.

Archangel Michael Spiritual Dominion Activation

Imagine you are a super being. Wave your hand and create anything you desire with loving intention.

Look at your world and send your intention out to create all that you wish. Change your luck and assert your positive energy! Archangel Michael is sharing his powerful heavenly blue light consciousness with you. You can use this light to shift the energy of your world. Archangel Michael, how can I activate my heavenly reality? What is the story of my ideal life? Am I allowing myself to receive it? How can I walk earth empowered in faith.

Andrea Dombecki

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