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Awakening Your Healing and Reading Abilities

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Day 1 Identifying your Healing and Reading Abilities We are going to evaluate our healing abilities today. Are your hands sensitive? Can you feel energy? Do people want hugs and massages from you? Are animals and children drawn to you? Do you have visions of the future or past lives? Do you have visions of angels or other spirit guides? Can you hear your spirit guides? See spirits? Do you see energy floating around? Do you feel things deeply? Do you have extreme sympathy with those around you, strangers or people in movies? Do you the share the ups and downs of those around you deeply? Do you travel to different places in your mind? Do you feel like you are shapeshifting depending on thoughts, environment and the people who are around you? Do you look different all the time? Explanation of different abilities: Telepathy/Clairaudience - Hearing guidance from the universe, angels your higher self, or deceased loved ones etc. Realm Walking- The ability to astral travel to different realms such as the angel realm, mermaid realm, fairy ream, star realm etc Clairvoyance/Inner Sight- Seeing other realms seeing energy having visions. Shapeshifting- Unconsciously morphing the way you look to adapt yourself be like those around you or the energy in your environment.

It is important to acknowledge and manage your gifts. Practice them and educate yourself on them. Talk to others with similar gifts. Your gifts are a blessing but sometimes we need to work at understanding them better. Respect yourself. Accept yourself. Know yourself.

Practicing your abilities

Practicing your reading and clairvoyance abilities- Ask yourself a question, listen inside and watch in your mind for the answer. Relax and receive the answers, true guidance should always be uplifting to your body or give you chills. Practicing energy healing with a pet or yourself. Place your hands gently and intend on sending universal healing energies. Practicing Realm Travel- Practice traveling in spirit to the angel or fairy realm through your intention. Practicing shapeshifting-Think a positive thought and look in the mirror. See if the way you look changes.

Day 2 Recognizing the Resistance that you may have to your Healing and Reading Abilities

Today is about a deeper level of accepting our healing and reading abilities. Were you criticized as an adult or child for these abilities? Do you feel like you have past lives where you were persecuted? Have you felt ashamed because of who you are? Do you feel like you are different than the majority of people because of your abilities? Have you felt like you had to use your abilities in private? Do you instinctively hide them? Let us bring up all the resistance, shame and judgement that we have had about our healing and reading abilities now and release it with love. When we face and release these blocks we can truly enjoy our abilities without feeling like something is wrong with us.

I embrace my healing and reading gifts with an open heart.

Day 3 Embracing your energy healing abilities.

Rub your hands together and acknowledge your hand chakras as channels for universal healing energy. Now go deeper and recognize your whole consciousness as a healing tool. Your energy field, thoughts and intentions all have healing power. Healing means to remember the harmony of the universe that is our true state.

Let's practice our healing abilities. First set the space and intention. Center yourself, say a prayer and set the intention to connect with the higher healing frequencies of the universe. Breathe, relax and release your mind. Drop into your heart.

Practice sending healing energy to the earth, a situation, yourself or another person. Intend on channeling healing energy to bless. Notice how you feel. You can also emit healing energy through your aura, thoughts or words.

Now meditate and notice the times in your life when you used this healing ability for example: cooking, comforting people or animals, hugging, saying something soothing or uplifting to change someone's mood, cleaning your home, gardening, or while entertaining!

Day 4 Embracing your reading abilities. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that you have senses that go beyond your physical senses. Senses that connect you with other dimensions and the infinite knowledge of the universe. Recognize this as a precious gift that can bless your life. Through your reading abilities you can get assistance for yourself and others. You can navigate your world with more peace of mind and faith.

Let's practice our reading abilities. First set the space and intention. Center yourself, say a prayer and intend to connect with the higher healing wisdom of the universe. Breathe, relax, release your mind. Drop into your heart. Practice asking a question then listening with your inner hearing and watching with your inner sight to receive information. You may also feel waves of energy or a deep sense of knowing. Try each of these: Ask the angels a question. Ask to be shown a past life. Ask to be shown your future. Ask to be given advice on how to better understand someone in your life. Now meditate and notice the times in your life when you used this reading ability for example: Did you ever have a deep knowing to do a specific thing and that thing really blessed your life? Did you ever feel intuitively guided to connect people? Have you ever been guided to give someone a book or advice that blessed them. Do you hear a voice that gives you advice? Do you have visions of past lives involving people that are in your present life?

Day 5 Moving forward with your healing abilities.

Today we will look deeper into understanding our abilities. Are they the next step in human evolution? Were these abilities used in higher dimensional societies like Atlantis and Lemuria or on other planets? Are they abilities developed when the human mind and DNA wake up? Do monk and yogis develop these abilities? It is said that as the yogi evolves they develop special powers called Siddhis but all humans have the latent potential to develop these powers.

Benefits of your abilities: Your abilities help you to navigate the human world with more ease. They give you more tools to help yourself and the world. They allow you to bring higher dimensional frequencies to earth. They allow you to be a light in the world. They force you to live more in tune with one another and the universe.

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