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Dancing With Your Shadow

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The energy of the upcoming eclipse can bring up our shadow!

I am not taking my shadow so seriously! I feel the archangels helping us to harmonize the energy. They helped me a lot during the last mercury retrograde in March and now we have another one starting in early July.

Our shadow comes in cycles with our moods, the earth, planets, moon, and astrology. It's always a powerful way for us to detox, regroup and flow with the duality of our world. It makes us face our truth, deeply ground and deal with ourselves. We are human after all. We need a lot of love and patience!

The Shadow consists of

Separation consciousness- competition, envy, isolation, abandonment, loneliness, hopelessness, anger, resentment, grudges.

Fear consciousness- fear and doubt about the future, specific situations or phobias- fear of failure or loss. Negative beliefs about life rear their ugly heads.

Pity- looking at what went wrong for us in the past and concluding that is why your life sucks and things don't go right for have bad luck etc. This contributes to lack of self esteem.

Awareness here is power! Not taking all your thoughts and feelings too seriously. Knowing how to manage yourself and navigate your shadow cycles. Not letting your shadow consume you instead dance with it, listen to it, comfort it, laugh with it. Don't get caught up and give in too far to the point of self destruction.

We all feel our shadow and sometimes more intensely at times The more we love ourselves and are in tune with ourselves the more we can live in peace with our shadow. Our shadow sometimes is also a wake up call showing us where we are living in denial of what we really want or what is really happening. It forces us to take back control and deal with our stuff!

Shadow self care- writing, dancing, taking long walks, exercising, spending time alone with your pets, gardening and watching your favorite TV. Reading prayers and self help books. Doing anything productive like cleaning, painting, crafting or doing yoga or breathwork. Crystal healing, baths reiki- it is a time to nurture your inner child and practice self focus.

Dearest archangels please assist me in calming my shadow and becoming in sync with the peace of my greater spiritual self, Help me to raise my vibration and feel the peace of the universe at all times. help me to know that love and peace is greater than the illusion of fear.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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