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Dissecting pain with your angels.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Dissecting pain with your angels.

As humans we experience physical and emotional pain. As an avid meditator and body reader I am intrigued with body mastery and reading the feeling language of our being!

What is my body telling me? My body is a compass.

What are we feeling and why are we feeling it? I feel physical and emotional pain consists of pockets of negative beliefs and memories. It also can be cryptic body communication.

What are you feeling? Sometimes we don't even know. Are you storing trauma, grief or guilt? Let's look at a list of emotions.

What lower emotions are you holding on to? Unforgiveness, guilt, fear, stress, anger, powerlessness, regret, rage, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, pity, depression, sadness, self- hatred, unforgiveness, terror, blame, stuckness, confusion, apathy, indifference, numbness.

Notice what negative emotions you feel you are holding on to. Then take some deep breaths and identify where you may be harboring these emotions for example the back of neck or back. Maybe in your tummy? See the angels helping to clear these lower emotions from your being with healing angel fire. Then see the space in your aura being filled with the white light of God.

Negative beliefs about life.

Look at these common negative beliefs and see if you feel you are holding any.

I will always be alone. Everyone will leave me. Good things don't last. My family has bad luck. Noone loves me. I cant succeed. I am not a good person. I am not worthy. Everything is my fault. I don't have the right to be seen. I am bad. I don't have the right to exist. There is not hope for me to change or heal. My body is against me. I hate my body. I don't want to be in a body. I don't understand how to be human. I hate earth society. Life is unfair. Things will never get better. God has abandoned me. I am waiting for things to fall apart. Good things don't last. I don't have good luck with money. There is never enough money. I cant get ahead. I will never have my dreams come true. I don't fit in anywhere. I feel alienated by the world. I feel trapped in life. I fear the future.

Go over which statements you feel you may be harboring. You can also see if you have other beliefs to add to the list. Bring them up to the surface and re-write them and you can also do some EFT tapping to release the emotional charge.

For example.

  1. I am not worthy can become I am a loved and worthy child of God. I am valuable.

  2. I can't succeed can become God supports me. I live Gods will and I thrive in divine timing. My life is rich with love and possibility. I am worthy of a good life. I am loved there is a perfect place for me in the world. I have good luck. I am in the flow of life. I am magic.

  3. Things will never get better can become I trust that Gods goodness is in charge of my life. I trust the process of my life, I trust Gods plan.

Deep down what do you really feel? What is your truth? Can you communicate with your body?

We may also be picking up on etheric records, ancestral or soul group wounds! We are all interconnected!

Are our pains excuses? Do we create them to get something proved or to validate relaxation?

Are our pains a polite excuse for us to be left alone or to take time for ourselves?

Know thy self what are you feeling and why! How can you balance? How can you reach peace once again?

The angels are working with us to help us to embrace body communication and release fear of our bodies!

We can live in harmony with our bodies and be pain free! The healing power of joy is very important for our well being? What brings up joy for you?

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