Dissecting pain with your angels.

Dissecting pain with your angels.

As humans we experience physical and emotional pain. As an avid meditator and body reader I am intrigued with body mastery and reading the feeling language of our being!

What is my body telling me? My body is a compass.

What are we feeling and why are we feeling it? I feel physical and emotional pain consists of pockets of negative belief and memories. It also can be cryptic body communication.

Deep down what do you really feel? What is your truth? Can you communicate with your body?

We may also be picking up on etheric records, ancestral or soul group wounds! We are all interconnected!

Are our pains excuses? Do we create them to get something proved or to validate relaxation?

Are our pains a polite excuse for us to be left alone or to take time for ourselves?

Know thy self what are you feeling and why! How can you balance? How can you reach peace once again?

The angels are working with us to help us to embrace body communication and release fear of our bodies!

We can live in harmony with our bodies and be pain free!

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