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Divine Feminine Manifestation

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I was getting some messages about divine feminine manifestation. A lot of manifestation and law of attraction teachings are very masculine.... about action, intention, confidence, power, dominion and will. We must balance this with the feminine side, which includes intuition, nurturing, compassion, kindness, rest, healing, stillness, plugging into a higher power, honoring cycles and seasons.

Manifesting includes masculine and feminine principles. Yin and yang. Action and stillness. This is about balance. The world is collectively bringing in more divine feminine energy at this time. The planet was way into intense masculine energies and this can create burnout and a lack of balance in our society.

Once we ask the universe for what we need it is important relax and allow. Intention, visualization and writing down our desires are action steps that we can take to initiate our wishes. Then we need to make space for our wishes to be fulfilled. Here are some principles of divine feminine manifestation.

Relax and trust. Trusting the cycles of life. Understanding that you are safe within the universe. Deep soul beliefs are mirrored in our outer world. What is your core belief system? Do you believe in a benevolent universe? Do you believe that life is on your side and that you are safe? How can you create a positive foundation within?

Appreciating beauty. Flowers, colors, and shapes. Sunsets and sunrises. Mountain, forest ocean views. Patterns. Art. Poetry. Movies. Books. Experiencing beauty inspires the soul light which creates abundance.

Creativity. Cooking, crafting, decorating, and gardening. Hobbies. This brings

joy and also a letting go and allowing.

The space of stillness. Like a flower rooted and blooming. Stay plugged into the universal flow and just witness life unfolding. This is a place where the higher self does it's work. Our human self is a witness.

Deep listening. Intuition. Inspired action. Connect to your greater self and your all knowing wisdom about when to act and how to make things happen. This also helps us understand the divine timing or currents of the universe. We don't want to work against universal timing and get frustrated. This includes the nature of cycles, seasons and even astrological alignments. Understanding divine timing and being flexible.

Our divine feminine spirit guides especially the angels and goddesses can help us to understand this process on a deep soul level. Here are some that are coming through.

Aphrodite- embodies universal love. Working with pink energy frequencies of beauty, bliss and sweetness.

Mother Mary- Faith, trust, spiritual beliefs, dominion and ascension.

Quan Yin- raising our consciousness. Oneness. Spiritual purification. Kindness, Unconditional love.

Sedna-Abundance of the ocean and prolific sea life. Spiritual creation energy. Strength to overcome.

Gaia- Abundance of nature blooming from within like a seed. Spiritual creation energy.

Archangel Ariel- Abundance beliefs and faith. Angelic help. Divine birthright

Archangel Jophiel-Angel of beauty. Healing through appreciating and/or creating beauty. Envisioning an abundant world!

Join me for the Divine Feminine Manifesting with the Angels and Goddesses Online class:

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Divine Feminine Manifesting with the Angels and Goddesses Class. As the planet evolves the divine feminine is awakening and changing the way that we interact with our reality. Download new frequencies of manifestation awareness from these divine feminine spirit guides!- Archangel Ariel and Archangel Jophiel. Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Sedna, Aphrodite and more.

Attunement of divine feminine manifestation wisdom awakening on a cellular level. We are entering a new consciousness of divine feminine manifestation and it has many aspects. Allowance, trust, sweetness, bliss, stillness, beingness, ascension into higher consciousness- oneness expanding. Rise above lower vibration emotional states and activate soul bless unfolding.

Connect with your Divine feminine manifestation guides. Receive powerful upgrades in your chakras, ancestral line and DNA. It is time to remember.

Overcome burnout, fear, frustration, desperation and move into rhythm and flow...... bask in the bliss and sweetness of the universe. Remember who you are, your core essence and true soul wholeness. Activate the pink healing light frequencies.

Activate the the higher heart chakra and step into the matrix of the heavenly consciousness of the divine feminine.

Lecture, guided meditation, group healing and attunements.

Live Class Thursday 1/27/22

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