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Do we have to fight for our right to be spiritual healers?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Do we have to fight for our right to be spiritual healers? I felt this theme all week as I pondered why we weren't taught energy healing, intuition, meditation, angel communication or other spiritual tools in school? Why is this knowledge so hidden? Spiritual techniques have been like a saving grace in my life. I have received and practiced these things since I was a teen. I must have more healing to do on this as I got super attacked on my fan page today when I was talking about angel readings, the lady said I was flat out doing the devils work! Really? This wasn't the first time I have been called names. Whether that be mentally ill or sacrilegious. I have not always been understand or respected for who I am. I have no choice but to be me and to stand my ground about spiritual freedom and openness. We live in a grand universe and there are many paths to God and healing.

My conclusion is that you have to lead the way. Be confident in that fact that you have the right to practice spiritual healing- there is no one right religion, lifestyle or belief system!! I remember as a child just feeling like things were hidden from us-like the secrets of the universe and the nature of our souls! I have made it my life mission to find the truth! I felt I could channel answers. That I could seek and find and there had to be better things out there for all of us! Better ways of being. Better ways of living and understanding our reality.

I wanted to share this to remind everyone you that you are free to create magic and change reality. You are free to explore the spiritual things that resonate with you! Don't let yourself be bullied! I think differently and I always have. I won't be told how to live by religion or society. I don't want to be limited by health diagnosis or medical theories. I want to be free to overcome limitation of all forms. I respect all as long as they aren't hurting anyone. I love certain aspects of religions. I like to be part of certain churches that I feel are healing. I am very grateful that we live in a time were we have so much access to spiritual knowledge and freedom. I am also grateful that I have reached a point in my life where I have a backbone and I don't feel ashamed about who I am or what I believe in. I have the right to my beliefs. I am not claiming to know everything and I am sure my beliefs will change. My freedom to think for myself and explore my spiritual beliefs is 100% my right.

by Andrea Dombecki

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