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Do you Feel Heavy in Your Mind, Body and Spirit?

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I was doing some prayer healing on weight harmony. These are some concepts came up for healing.

1. Heaviness in mind, body and spirit. Releasing the weight of the world literally. Releasing the belief that life is hard or a burden, that you have to carry negative baggage, like past traumas, negative family patterns or stories of how we have been wronged and how " hard" life is. I also felt the burden of nostalgia including beliefs like the "best times are behind me" and "I will never be that happy again". I felt heartache for people and situations that are not longer with me. I felt haunted by those who have mistreated me. I felt trapped by the memories. All these things contribute to energetic weight. What are you holding onto that you can release?

Create a new story. Consciously release those heavy stories that are burdening you with unhappiness. Rewrite your story. Cleanse your mind of unhappy concepts. Choose to let go and overcome those clouds of unhappiness and limitation. Create new patterns of being joyful and make the most of each moment.

Healing thoughts: I am weightless in body mind and spirit. I am free from all burdens. I am light and happy in my being. I exist in freedom and bliss.

2. Do you believe your body is beautiful, eternal and radiant? Do you see your body as an ugly beast or a burden? Do you believe you are a magnificent and holy vehicle? Take inventory of your views about your body. Do you believe your body is too wide or too short, tall or too meaty? Do you have negative ideas about your nose, eyes or shape? Change your view to acceptance and even praise. Release unrealistic perfectionism or societal belief systems that have programmed you to dislike your appearance. Embrace body acceptance and love! Your body reacts beautifully to praise.

Healing thoughts: I am a beautiful divine body. I am unique and gorgeous/handsome as I am. I shine from within. I love the way I look. My body is radiant and beautiful.

3. Are you hiding in your body? Do you feel free to be yourself. Do you feel safe to express yourself? Do you feel comfortable standing tall? Do you feel confident in your body? Do you stand and walk with confidence? Are you proud of your body. Do you feel comfortable in your skin?

Healing thoughts: I am safe in my body. I am safe to express myself. It is safe for me to be seen. It is safe for me to shine. I am beautiful and weightless in my human form. I am one with my body. I live in harmony with my body. I am one with my body.

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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