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Do You Feel Supported in Life?

In private clients sessions it seems to come up a lot that women don't feel supported in life......whether that's by their jobs, their spouses, their families or even God. We collectively feel like we are dropped on earth in sort of shark tank and it's sink or swim.

Women seem to be so self-sufficient that they don't expect anyone to help them. These issues seem to come up on and off for my clients. There seems to be a permanent level of struggle in their energy field.

This underlying theme of I'm alone and no one cares about me or helps me. I feel like no one really sees my needs or cares enough to help me.

This is a very interesting divine feminine theme as the masculine is slowly learning to support the feminine more and the feminine is feeling more honored once again in our society. Another underlying theme is the allowing of the Sovereign Goddess within all women to emerge! This is a powerful state of consciousness which I call the healed feminine or the nourished Goddess! I am excited to see this activated more!

Conclusion.... if you can relate to this here are some ways to evolve this issue: Develop a relationship with a higher power that you believe is on your side. Have conversations with this higher power about your needs and fears and lean on the higher power. Could be God, the Universe, Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary etc. Ask for what you need whether that's from your angels, friends or family. Train the people around you to know what your needs are and take action to meet them. Speak up.... communicate if you need help, encouragement, prayer or any type of support.

Train your body to get out of stress and overwhelm. Do grounding therapeutic activities such as breathwork yoga, prayer.

Support you Vagus nerve to get out pf fight or flight.(cold compress, nuero lymphatic massage, sound helaing) Know that you and your feelings are valid.

As we shift consciousness our ultimate goal is to awaken our ideal relationship with life!!!!

Evolve our belief systems to be that life is good.

Life is supporting me.

I am loved and worthy.

I live in balance and nourishment.

I have a team supporting me.

I am not alone!

I can trust others and life.

I am nourished my life.

That means a new level of peace, well-being and even heaven on earth.

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