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Do You Own Yourself?

Updated: May 1, 2020

When we fully own ourselves we don't have to worry about others taking over our time, energy or will!!!

Do you know how to own yourself?

Say YES only if you mean to.

Do things that feel right for you.

Do everything with your eyes open.

Don't play the game of being a victim of others or being controlled or annoyed my others.

Be honest with yourself about who you like and who you don't!

Here are some statements to help you own yourself more:

I fully own my life and my energy.

I own my time and choices.

I live for me and in harmony with others.

I respect myself and teach others to respect me.

I live in the present moment and take time for things that are good for me.

I honor my well-being on all levels. I am aligned with myself and my needs.

Go into all commitments with your eyes open.

Be honest with people. Those that respect you will honor that with compassion.

Trust your inner guidance system.

Know that your needs matter.

Know how to speak up no matter how it is received. Many of us are afraid of angering people.

If you chose to commit to something choose to be ok with that. Make peace with it.

Stop complaining and make the changes that you need to.

Many of us love to complain about how others are using us and abusing us! One of the first steps to change this is to stop making that the story that we tell others. Are you gaining love and attention by being a victim of others? Start standing up for yourself and nipping things in the bud. Are you really ready to let go of this pattern? Are you gaining something from this pattern? How can you redirect your energy? How can you live in a more empowerment and peaceful state???

Stop lying to yourself and others!

We pretend to like people to be nice. There is an in between. Are you a people pleaser, push over, door mat? Or confident, honest and mature? Create a vacuum by letting go of relationships that don't light you up! Make room for ones that do. We get stuck with people. Maybe you don't feel great when you are around them. You feel an unhealthy sense of obligation. Release guilt, you don't have to self sacrifice to please and love everyone! This is a learned behavior of obligation and self sacrifice. Make space for your needs. Be true to you.

Sometimes we desperately want to meet the needs of others and ignore our own. We want to be everything to everyone. Or we are lonely and hang out with people just because they are convenient.

Ask yourself honestly do you want to be friends with, date, collaborate with, or work for this person? Are they a good match for you? How do you feel about them? Sometimes it is a mixture of both like the relationship can work with a few boundaries and some honest communication.

Learn a new way of being! It is ok to evolve. You don't have to have the same struggles that friends or family have with not owning themselves. We can respect others and still meet our needs. Many of us learn these ways of being at a young age and think we can't change them. Right now let's evolve this!

I am gonna live a happy life now with no excuses! I am gonna own myself!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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