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Earth Healing Medicine Wheel with the Angels, Fairies and Unicorns

When I made the medicine wheel for earth healing for the west Coast fires last week this is what came through. I felt the support of all of these realms:

Angels- Messages of love and unity. Ego dissolving. New levels of heart consciousness activating. Surrendering to grace. Higher will. Spiritual strength. Your are not alone.

Fairies-Slow down and connect deeply with the pace of nature. The fairy elders are ready to teach through channeling. They have many high dimensional teachings about health, happiness and nature communion. They would love to work with you deeper. Open your spirit to your fae guides.

Trees- Wisdom of the eternal self. Strong roots. Inner connection.

Frogs -Song of nature. Playful and comforting. A sense belonging. Unconditional love. Feeling at home.

Archangels- Anchoring in light and protection. Dominion. Sovereignty. Activating higher level of mind.

Pegasus- Higher heavenly empathic consciousness. Protection of the innocent. Fairness and integrity.

Mother Earth- Grounding into 5D Crystalline earth energies that are activating. Miracle healing consciousness. Connect your hand and feet chakras to her energy.

Mother Mary- Compassion. Fierce faith in the face of adversity. Feel her miraculous hope and faith shining in your heart. She is the universal mother.

Bear- Strong aura. Protected by spirit. You are loved and supported. You have secret helpers. Slow down and feel how supported you are by the universe and all.

Unicorns- Be courageous leaders of light. We are here to encourage you. Have courage and shine your light. Be creators and leaders of the higher dimensional earth consciousness

Andrea Dombecki

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